Corporate Social Responsibility

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Find out how we join forces and combine our efforts to invest sustainably in a socially reponsible, healthy and eco-friendly world.


Wind turbines provide tailwind for CSR concept.

​Resolutely committed to CSR

As an insurance company, AG has a decisive role to play in our society. CSR is an integral part of how we choose to do business. No wonder it permeates every aspect of what we do.​​

CSR, a key component of our corporate strategy

At AG Insurance and AG Employee Benefits, we apply CSR principles on a daily basis. We have also incorporated them in our corporate strategy.

How ​do we apply these principles?

Sustainable investing in the schools of tomorrow.
Your group insuran​ce benefits and CSR​

CSR is not just progressive window dressing. We take our commitment v​ery seriously. One of the ways we achieve our CSR goals is by investing your group insurance benefits in the Belgian economy and various local projects. ​

Interview: How does CSR come into play?

Did you know that AG EB always takes social, environmental and good governances factors into account when screening potential investment opportunities for your group insurance premiums?

How does this work in practical terms?

How do we invest your premiums?

Under the motto "Think global, act local", we place a high priority on investing in the Belgian economy. This way, we help create added value for local society.

Find out more about some of our local projects

Co-worker returns after burnout.
An out-of-the-box approach to CSR​

As an insurer, we are naturally big on prevention, for employers as well as employees. We’re also a safety net for your staff members when things don’t necessarily go as planned. Because to us,​ that’s also doing business sustainably.​

First aid for burnout

Never before have employees been off on long-term sick leave for burnout or other stress-related conditions in such record numbers. With Return to Work, you’ll have the tools you need to get your staff member back to work safely and successfully.

More than a return-to-work assistance programme

Prevention thanks to AG Health Partner

With you, we want to keep your employees happy and healthy. To this end, AG Health Partner has developed a comprehensive prevention package for employers.

Find out more about our tailored advice

Cooperation with the non-profit organisation Stop Colon Cancer

Early detection is critical to beating colon cancer. Which is why our hospitalisation insurance policies reimburse preventive colon cancer screening. Plus we offer a ready-made HR solution to raise staff member awareness.​

Heading towards a future without colon cancer

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