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Return To Work: more than just a return-to-work assistance

​​Specialised guidance and support for staff members on sick leave for a burnout or another stress-related psychological condition in the speedy return to good health and to work. Available completely free of charge as part of Income Care income protection coverage.

Individually-tailored guidance from A to Z

Custom-designed assistance from the day the occupational incapacity is reported until the staff member is able to return to work safely and successfully, with focus of avoiding relapse.

Independent care providers

Return-to-work assistance is delivered in cooperation with a network of independent specialised care providers, each with their scientifically based approach, which guarantees high quality guidance.

High success rate

Return Tto Work will have your employees on sick leave for burnout fit, healthy and ready for active duty again, up to three times faster. A win-win proposition for you and for your employee.


​Why is it more than just a return-to-work assistance?

More than 425,000 employees are currently off on long-term occupational incapacity leave. More than one out of three cases can be attributed to psychosocial disorders, most of the time burnout syndrome. These record-high figures call for specialised and individually-tailored solutions.

Resources to address this problem are quite fragmented, with long waiting times. But with the income protection coverage of Income Care, your plan participants will have immediate access to proactive, individually-tailored return-to-work assistance. Support and guidance that goes beyond the statutory programme, with a focus on minimising the risk of relapse. All at no extra cost whatsoever.

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2 colleagues welcome each other back to work
Return To Work, proving its worth for several years now.

A win-win proposition for the employer and the employee


Legislation on return-to-work assistance

Since December 2016, the new legislation on return-to-work assistance has established a formal legal procedure to ease the transition of long-term occupational incapacity cases back into the labour market. This can take the form of a modified role or an entirely different position, with the current or a different employer.

For stress-related psychological conditions, however, the statutory programme falls short in two essential areas: a proactive approach and accelerated access to specialised care. We designed Return To Work to specifically address these deficiencies… successfully and effectively.

High success rate

With our individually-tailored support and guidance, most employees on extended sick leave for a stress-related condition are back to work and raring to go up to three times faster. And you score a double win: your employees are happy and healthy again, and you minimise the direct and indirect costs associated with long-term sick leave.


Find out in this video (FR/NL), what two HR managers have to say about the benefits of incorporating Return To Work in their HR policy.

man with burnout at work
Your staff member back at work: a win-win proposition for both the employer and the employee.

How does the assistance programme actually work?


Once the occupational incapacity has been reported, your employee will automatically have access to the Return To Work assistance programme. Participation is purely voluntary. The first phase of the programme is always an intake interview, which serves as a basis for mapping out a plan tailored to your employee’s needs.

We partner with four specialised providers, each with their own scientifically-proven approach. As an employer, it's up to you to choose the care provider that best matches your profile:

Oh My People (video in NL or FR)

Medisch Centrum Ternat (Ternat Medical Centre) (video in NL or FR)​

 Workplace Options (video in NL or FR​)

CITES Stress and Work Clinic (video in FR​)

2 colleagues talk after return to work
Werknemers zoeken een werkgever die echt om hen geeft.

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From luxury to necessity

If you are still on the fence: the findings of our joint research with Vlerick Business School on occupational incapacity show that income protection insurance with comprehensive return-to-work assistance is fast becoming a necessity, not a luxury.

Job hunters these days increasingly look at the bigger picture. Now more than ever, they value companies that genuinely care about their staff members. Income protection insurance is a way for employers to highlight their commitment to being a caring employer.


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Individually-tailored recommendation

Ready to incorporate this unique approach to burnout and stress-related conditions in your HR policy? We are standing by to advise you and come up with a custom-designed solution that reflects your specific needs. All free of charge, with no purchase necessary.


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PS: Want to find out more about burnout? Be sure to check out our Medical Manager Pia Cox's contribution to the ‘Stress and burnout’ campaign by the FPS Social security. In a series of videos, patients and experts address specific topics such as ‘‘How to support a person experiencing a burnout?’ and 'How to recover form a burnout?’.

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