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Income Protection

Return-to-work assistance

Specialised guidance and support for staff members with a stress-related condition (such as burnout syndrome) in the speedy return to good health and to work. Available completely free of charge as part of Income Care coverage.

Complete programme from A to Z

Individually-tailored guidance from the day the occupational incapacity is reported until the staff member is able to return to work safely and successfully, all while minimising the risk of relapse. Because we don’t believe in doing things halfway.

Fulfils a real need in today’s society

Roughly 30% of all occupational incapacity cases can be attributed to psychosocial disorders.

Increases the likelihood of returning to work

Without assistance, only 50% of staff members will go back to the same employer after six months of sick leave. After one year, the percentage plummets to just 10%.

Delivered by accredited professionals

Return-to-work assistance is delivered in cooperation with a network of specialised care providers with a proven track record for success. We closely track and monitor the quality of service through regular feedback from the employer and the staff member.

Up to you to select your preferred care provider

Together with your staff member, you decide which return-to-work assistance provider you want to work with based on your specific needs and company culture.


​Why individually-tailored return-to-work assistance?

Over the past few years, the number of long-term incapacity leave cases has continued to skyrocket, reaching record highs. Roughly 30% can be attributed to psychosocial disorders such as depression and burnout syndrome. All the more reason to swiftly provide your staff members with the right medical and/or psychological support, via an individually-tailored assistance programme.

This is where AG Insurance rewards caring employers that have set up an income protection plan for their staff. On top of a replacement income, your employees will get the support and guidance they need to return to work safely and successfully after extended sick leave for depression or burnout syndrome. The entire programme is available free of charge as part of Income Care coverage.

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What exactly is involved in a return-to-work programme?

Treatment begins with an in-depth personal interview. Based on the diagnosis and your staff member’s personal preferences, your preferred care provider will set up a custom-designed assistance programme complete with the following phases:

Recovery and stabilisation

Phase One is the convalescence phase, designed to "reset" the staff member and get him/her fit for active duty again. Key components are psychosocial guidance and/or exercise therapy. This helps to develop and improve your staff member’s resilience.


To ease the transition back to work, this phase is all about healthy communication skills (including assertiveness training) and career coaching. Can your staff member go back to the same position or in a modified role? At full or at partial job capacity? These are some of the options that can be reviewed with you and your staff member, to ensure that s/he can start over safely and successfully.

Soft landing

Once your staff member has returned to work, the programme continues and s/he’ll get assistance and guidance as needed. If further support is required, additional sessions can be arranged (optional).

At each phase of the programme, quality of service and satisfaction will be measured via feedback from the employer and the staff member.


A win-win proposition for both the employer and the employee

This individually-tailored assistance programme was designed with one goal in mind: to get your staff member back in the workplace safely and successfully. And in the best interest of the employer and the employee:

Staff members get immediate support and guidance from doctors, psychologists, career coaches and exercise therapists. In most cases, it takes six to eight months to get access to such high-demand medical care. Via AG Insurance, your staff members will jump to the head of the queue.

This type of programme increases the likelihood of a speedy return to work. This helps to minimise indirect costs such as lower productivity and the need to hire interim staff to pick up the slack.

Want to find out more?

Send in your questions about return-to-work assistance via the contact button, or download the brochure for more information about the programme and the care providers.

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