A new colleague joins your company

​​ Five steps showing your obligations and what you must do when a new employee wishes to join your group insurance or hospitalisation insurance.


Welcoming a new colleague to your company?

You will undoubtedly have some attractive fringe benefits waiting for this employee. Like group insurance, death benefit coverage or hospitalisation insurance. Who knows, you might also want to offer outpatient care or occupational incapacity insurance. But it does require some paperwork. These five steps will ease the burden for you.

Quickly to

Refer to the regulations of the group insurance and convention of the health insurance to get all details.

Step 1: Determine the rights of your new colleague

Pension plans

Consult your pension plans and check the category and plan applicable to your new employee. Enrolment is mandatory for every employee in the personnel category stipulated in the regulations.

For pension plans, death benefit coverage and occupational incapacity insurance, the enrolment for these benefits is based on the enrolment conditions contained in the regulations.

Health insurance

In the case of hospitalisation insurance and outpatient insurance, everything depends on convention, which may provide for obligatory or optional enrolment.

Tip: If covered by convention, the new colleague’s family members may also join the health insurance scheme. If this occurs, it is important for you to provide us with information about the composition of your employee’s family.

If enrolment of the family members is mandatory, but they already have hospitalisation insurance with another insurer, we will need to receive a certificate of enrolment from the other insurer.

You will find all plans of your company on AG EB Online.

AG EB Online enables you to send us all data easily.

Step 2: Gather the data and provide all legal information

Gather all data for enrolment

Under ‘Forms’ you will find for each type of plan a form on which, together with your employee, you can enter all data necessary for enrolment. You can send us all data in a simple manner online via AG EB Online.

Provide your employee with all legal and useful information.

Give the employee the 'Designation/change of beneficiaries' form if the member wishes to alter the standard sequence of beneficiaries provided for in the regulations in the event of death.

Under the Verwilghen Act (healthcare), you have some obligations. For example, you must inform your employee of the possibility of continuing professional cover on an individual basis when it is lost, and of the possibility of pre-financing:

    • give your member of a group hospitalisation and/or occupational incapacity and/or outpatient insurance plan the 'pre-financing'  document about the possibility to continue these plans individually. Get this document signed to confirm receipt.
    • give an employee who is only a member of a group hospitalisation plan the 'AG Care Vision advantages' statement. With this insurance, your employee can cushion subsequent increase in premiums on individual continuation of group hospitalisation insurance. More information about AG Care Vision can be found on our website for private individuals (only in French or Dutch).

Do not forget to give your employee a copy of the regulations of the group insurance and/or the healthcare convention.

Where can you find these documents?

All documents are available on AG EB Online.

AG EB Online is the fastest way of making known a new enrolment.

Step 3: Inform AG Employee Benefits

You need to notify AG EB as soon as possible of every new enrolment.

What's the easiest way? AG EB Online.

Select the 'New Affiliation' task in the 'Affiliates' > 'Affiliation' menu and follow the on-screen instructions.



In MyAG Employee Benefits, your employee will find all information about his/her supplementary benefits at AG Employee Benefits.

Step 4: Inform your employee of his/her enrolment

Once the enrolment has been completed, you can give your employee access to a secure online platform containing all information about his or her supplementary benefits at AG EB.

Your employee will receive by email an invitation to log in to MyAG Employee Benefits. This secure access ensures that all data about your employee will be completely personalised and that the employee can download his/her personal pension statement.

Want to know more about MyAG Employee Benefits? Check out the products page.


AG EB Online is also the place where you will find your statements and invoices.

Step 5: Start of coverage ​​

As soon as the new enrolment has been recorded in our systems, you can view the premiums on your statements or invoice on AG EB Online.

If the employee must personally pay the premium (or part thereof) for one or more insurance plans (such as outpatient insurance), he/she will receive a payment notice by post.




More information for your employees on MyAG Employee Benefits

You would like to give details about this key moment to your employees? Tell them about MyAG Employee Benefits where they can find all the necessary information.