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Remunerate your employees optimally

​ Giving employees the right remuneration goes beyond their net pay. It makes sense to offer a complete package of fringe benefits to attract and to retain the best people.



Think out of the box …

… and get the most out of your people. Check out some inspirational ideas below. Get away from run-of-the-mill remuneration and offer your workforce something truly different.


Creative remuneration

Want to reward your employees? Forget the conventional pay increase or bonus. Supplementary benefits like group or health insurance will leave your employees with a lot more in their pockets. And by the way: you also win.
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Lifecycle concept

The Lifecycle group insurance is the innovative pension solution you’ve been looking for. The Branch 23 investment strategy evolves in step with your employee’s age, assuring the employee of most suitable group insurance at all times.
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Top 3 supplementary benefits

Do you sometimes get lost in the mountain of fringe benefits? With these 3 supplementary benefits, you will make the difference for your present and future employees. 


Hospicare Flexible

Comprehensive hospitalisation insurance is a solid foundation for any supplementary pay package. Give your employees complete peace of mind – before, during and after hospital admission and in the event of serious illness.
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Bonus plan

Reward and motivate your employees with a tax-efficient bonus plan. It’s an essential feature of a modern remuneration policy and the ideal alternative to the conventional cash bonus.
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Cafetaria plan e-volulife

If you're looking for greater flexibility, you’ve found it. This group insurance lets you set the rules within which your employees can make their own choices.
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