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One of your employees is leaving your company

As an employer you have some obligations when employees leave your company. Discover what you must do if somebody leaves.


Inform your employees

If an employee is leaving your company – due to retirement or resignation, for example – you have some obligations as an employer to ensure that their departure occurs smoothly. The key matter is to communicate clearly with the employee. And it is obviously advisable to notify us as soon as possible.

Quickly to

Notify AG EB within 30 days of any employee leaving your company.

How do you inform AG EB of your employee’s departure?

You must notify us within 30 days of any employee leaving your company. Different, specific deadlines may apply to sector plans. These are listed in the regulations or the convention.

You can easily notify us of an employee leaving your company via AG EB Online.



Give your departing employee the departure letter together with the options form about the employee’s accrued pension reserves.

What happens to group insurance and death benefit coverage?

Options form

If the employee has group insurance and death benefit coverage, you should give the employee a departure letter together with an options form. This will state what the employee may do with the accrued pension reserves. Various options exist, and the choice made by the employee must be made known to AG EB within 30 days.

All options are described in detail on My Global Benefits.

If the employee decides to transfer his/her reserves to the pension scheme of a new employer, to transfer the reserves to a hosting structure of AG EB or to liquidate his/her contract (subject to compliance with the conditions), the employer will be requested to remit any underfunding that exists.

Important! An employee who is retiring is under obligation to liquidate the group insurance.

Pension statement

In addition to the options form, your employee must receive from you on leaving the company a pension statement that states the accrued reserves and services provided.

Both the departure letter/options form and the pension statement will be made available to you by AG EB.

Your departing employee may always individually continue the corporate hospitalisation insurance.

And what about hospitalisation insurance?

Employees who leave their employer and thus lose their corporate hospitalisation insurance may always choose to continue the insurance individually​. This guarantee is embedded in the Verwilghen Act. The law obliges you as an employer to inform your departing employee of this possibility.

The continuation entitlement is granted without medical formalities if in the two years prior to leaving the company the employee continuously held hospitalisation insurance.

An employee who wishes to continue the insurance individually must inform AG EB accordingly within 30 days of leaving the company. This can be done using this document, which must be completed and signed by employer and employee and returned to EB.

More information for your employees on My Global Benefits

You would like to give details about this key moment to your employees? Tell them about My Global Benefits where they can find all the necessary information.