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​​​Have staff members who’ve been off sick for weeks and months at a time? With this group coverage, they’ll have a financial cushion to fall back on if they’re too sick or disabled to work, plus individually-tailored guidance for stress-related conditions such as burnout.

Now more relevant than ever

Employees are taking extended sick leave in skyrocketing numbers. While the government provides its citizens with a financial safety net, state benefits are quite modest, enough to cover essential living expenses only.

A clever way to sweeten your reward package

Only 18% of all employees currently have this fringe benefit included in their corporate coverage.

First aid for stress and burnout

With individually-tailored return-to-work assistance, you’ll have your staff members fit and ready for active duty again.


Why is it so important to have income protection insurance?


An accident or critical illness, stress and burnout… there are many reasons to be off work for an extended period. Maternity leave can also lead to be out of commission for a good while. 

With Income Care, your staff members will have a monthly replacement income to fall back on if ever they are off on occupational incapacity leave.


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State benefits are generally not enough to maintain your staff’s current standard of living.

What purpose does income protection serve?

For staff members on long-term sick leave and no longer earning an income, the social security system provides a financial cushion to fall back on via the Belgian National Institute for Illness-Disability Insurance (INAMI/RIZIV). This safety net is, however, quite modest, designed to cover essential living expenses only. In the meantime, they’ll still have to keep up with their bills, such as their mortgage and car insurance payments, in spite of their lower earnings power. With income protection or occupational incapacity insurance, your staff members will be able to maintain their current standard of living.


The social security system only covers a portion of the salary

In the first month of occupational incapacity leave, staff members will still collect 100% of their salary, payable by the employer.

Between the 2nd and the 12th month, the employer generally stops paying their staff for sick leave. Instead of a paycheck, they’ll have to rely on state benefits, which are just 60% of their gross salary.

After one full year, the occupational incapacity will be reclassified as a disability. Staff members will then be entitled to an allowance according to their marital/family status, which is for example just 40% of the gross salary if married or in a registered domestic partnership.


Salary cap and exclusion of other earnings and benefits

When calculating the disability benefit, the INAMI/RIZIV applies a maximum annual salary cap of EUR 56,019.60 or EUR 4,668.30 on a monthly basis (last update: May 2024). The higher the salary, the greater the loss of income.

Anything above this cap, but also other earnings and benefits such as year-end bonuses, performance bonuses, meal vouchers, etc., are excluded from the calculation.


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With Income Care, you stand out from your competitors.

What do you stand to gain as an employer?

In addition to being a must-have for your staff members, income protection insurance also offers several interesting benefits for you as an employer:

Barely one out of five employees has occupational incapacity insurance. By offering a group income protection plan, you can differentiate your company and raise your profile as a caring employer, an important attribute for many job seekers in the current market.

Research shows that employees greatly value income protection insurance. This type of coverage gives you a competitive edge in the war for talent.

With Income Care, you’ll help move your company to the top of your candidates’ consideration list and have an extra ingredient to retain your top talent.


Colleagues celebrating return to work after burnout
Return-to-work assistance will have your staff members fit and ready for active duty again.

Always included: return-to-work assistance

Staff members who have been on extended sick leave for a stress-related condition such as burnout need the right support and guidance to return to work safely and successfully. With your staff members’ input, our external accredited partners will design a scientifically-proven return-to-work assistance programme. Our objective is one and the same: a speedy return to good health and work, and appropriate safeguards against relapse.

To highlight the importance of this kind of assistance, it’s always included as part of Income Care, at no extra cost.


Find out more about return-to-work assistance

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Select and customise your income protection insurance

It’s up to you to decide what to include in your income protection plan

As the market leader in income protection insurance, we offer solutions that are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your company.

Select the covers to be included

Set the insured risk

    • illness
    • non-occupational accident
    • occupational accident

Select the incapacity benefit type

    • offset
    • step-rated
    • lump sum

Customise the coverage and select

    • the waiting period
    • the indexation for benefits
    • the maximum annual benefit amount


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You'll find more details on how Income Care works in this ​handy practical guide​.

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