Hosting structure

​​​​ Our hosting structure enables you to offer employees a possibility to take their accrued pension reserves with them if they move to another employer.

Pension nest egg continues yielding a return

By using a hosting structure, your employees will be able to safeguard their accrued pension entitlements.

Retention of death benefit coverage

Opting for a hosting structure means the beneficiaries of your current or former employee will receive the reserves already accrued if he/she dies.

Your employee benefits instantly

The possibility to withdraw a cash advance allows your employees to enjoy their supplementary pension nest-eggs even before retiring.

Flexible investment options

Allow your employee or former employee to invest the reserves in Branch 21 or Branch 23.

All benefits consolidated in one handy app

With MyAG Employee Benefits, your employees can access their benefits anytime and from anywhere they want, via their computer or their app.


What is a hosting structure?

People who start work for a new employer are bound to wonder what will happen to the money they have already saved under their group insurance. A hosting structure enables you to offer every employee a choice: leave the pension money saved at the former employee where it is in the old pension plan (‘sleeper’) or let it continue yielding a return in a hosting structure. You can set up a hosting structure for new employees (
hosting structure IN), but also for your existing employees if they leave the company (hosting structure OUT). So a great advantage of a hosting structure is that the saved pension money simply moves with the employee.

Quickly to

Your employee can personally invest in Branch 21 or Branch 23.

Ongoing accrual of pension nest egg

Up until retirement the pension nest egg will continue to grow in the hosting structure. The employee will have the choice of investing the pension money in our array of investment funds:

Branch 21, with guaranteed return and possibly profit-sharing. Profit-sharing is not guaranteed and is subject to change from year to year.

Branch 23, with a return dependent upon the funds chosen by the employee.

Retirement: Lump sum or annuity

Your employee or former employee can collect his complementary pension benefits:  as a one-time cash lump-sum payout or as a regular annuity for the rest of your life.

Thanks to the hosting structure, the death benefit coverage will be retained.

Death benefit coverage and taking out a cash advance

Death benefit coverage

Depending on the pension plan at the previous employer, it is possible that no benefits will be paid out on death prior to retirement. Any death risk coverage under the old plan will cease to exist. This contrasts with a hosting structure where your employee’s beneficiaries will receive the saved pension money in the event of the employee’s premature death.

Cash advances

As part of the hosting structure you can offer employees the opportunity to withdraw a cash advance on their supplementary pension nest egg. This allows them to use some of their accrued pension money before retirement to purchase or renovate real estate or to repay a mortgage loan.

AG Insurance, fully committed to supporting you digitally.

Unique strength: digital support

Through MyAG Employee Benefits, AG Employee Benefits has fully committed to offering you digital support for your efforts. A unique digital support facility has been developed for your employee, with extensive features and a focus on user-friendliness.

MyAG Employee Benefits

It's a secure, user-friendly app and platform for plan participants to find out everything they want to know about their corporate-sponsored group insurance. On the app, your employees can access their covers, anytime and anywhere. All of the MyAG Employee Benefits features are also available via your computer, but the services are only accessible via the MyAG Employee Benefits app.

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Sustainability information

Depending on the selected funds, the plan incorporates ESG factors that allow it to contribute to a positive impact on the environment and/or society and to limit negative impacts on the environment and/or society, through an appropriate selection of investments. Information on these ESG factors is available here (FR​​ – NL​​​). To find out more about AG's approach to sustainable and responsible investing, go to

You will also find more information in the sustainability fact sheet (FR​​NL​​​​) for each of the funds that can be included in this product as well as the corresponding annual report (FR ​- NL​).

For customers looking to double down on their commitment to ESG, AG also offers Branch 21 (FR​NL​) and Branch 23 (FR​​ - NL​) products that take an even more advanced approach. 

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