AG Ascento

A full-service package for your staff members at the end of their career. They’ll get bespoke pension advice and guidance plus lots of reinvestment possibilities to continue growing their pension nest egg from the group insurance.

Unburdening you of obligations

The Law on Complementary Pensions requires you as an employer to inform your retiring staff members about converting their group insurance nest egg to a life annuity. Thanks to AG Ascento, you can assign this obligation to us.

A great solution for staff members at the end of their career

The AG Ascento concept is an integral part of your pension plan and enables you to offer your staff members a full-service package until and even beyond the end of their career.

3 product solutions

AG Ascento Free, AG Ascento Life and AG Ascento Deposit are right there for your near-retirees, each with significant advantages.

Active advice and guidance, before and after retirement

Shortly before they retire, your staff members will receive personalised advice and information about all their pension questions.


​​​What is AG Ascento?

AG Ascento combines an extensive service offering with a diverse range of products to smooth the transition from working life to retirement. Besides personalised advice, there are three products that will help your staff member to continue growing the return on his/her pension nest egg after retirement.

What's more, you can assign to AG Ascento your legal obligation to inform your staff members about the possibility to convert their group insurance nest egg to a life annuity or cash (under Section 28 of the Law on Complementary Pensions).

Quickly to

AG Ascento is the single point of contact for your employees for all their pension questions.

Extensive services 

At the end of their career, your staff members will undoubtedly have numerous questions about their approaching retirement. The services provided by AG Ascento will guide your employees who are about to cash in their group insurance and will help you to give them all the information they need to prepare for retirement.

This includes:
Group presentations at your company for your near-retirees to explain the working and settlement of the group insurance.
Personalised advice and information enabling them to make the right choice for the payout of their pension nest egg:

    • Capital or pension?
    • Tax implications
    • Succession planning
    • Reinvestment of the pension nest egg

Administrative help make the transition to retirement hassle-free.

In short, a unique one-stop shop for your staff members, answering all their questions about retirement.

Discover the 3 products to enable your staff member to make the right choice.

Diverse range of products

Comprehensive advice and a flexible range of products ensure that your staff member/retiree will find the solution best suited to his/her profile when reinvesting a pension nest egg:

AG Ascento Free, where all or part of the nest egg from the group insurance will be placed in one or more funds (Branch 21 or Branch 23) at AG Employee Benefits to continue generating a return. The switch between Branch 21 and Branch 23 is possible at any time. AG Ascento Life, where all or part of the nest egg from the group insurance will be converted to a life annuiy.AG Ascento Deposit, where the pension nest egg will be invested in the short term with a guaranteed interest rate.

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