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Your benefits

Access to Doktr

Via this app, developed in cooperation with general practitioners and Sickness Funds in Belgium, your staff members can easily schedule video consultations with a doctor at their convenience.

Prescriptions and medical report available immediately

Right after the consultation, any prescriptions and the report for the patient's own GP will be uploaded to the app.​

The telehealth services of MY CARE by AG meet your staff members’ changing needs

​​Staff members who get medical advice at the onset of symptoms and can start their treatment or recovery immediately are more effective and available to your organisation. This is all the more important given the current war for talent. And precisely because of this tightness on the labour market, there's also a global shortage of healthcare providers. 

With MY CARE by AG, you'll be giving your employees access to high quality medical advice 24/7. They can easily schedule a video consultation with a doctor in between their work and personal commitments. Convenience and efficiency, for you and for them. 

MY CARE by AG is included as a standard feature in the health insurances Hospicare Flexible, Ambucare Flexible and Dental Flex. All services are easily accessible via the MyAG Employee Benefits app.
What does MY CARE by AG cover?

MY CARE by AG will provide your staff members with peace of mind knowing that they have a doctor on call 24/7 to reassure them or refer them for further medical attention. With Doktr, a telemedicine app that collaborates closely with Sickness Funds and general practitioners, your employees can easily schedule a video consultation with a qualified GP accredited in Belgium. This eliminates the stress of scheduling a last-minute doctor's appointment for a sick child, and no more time wasted in the waiting room either. Instead, they’ll get immediate access to expert medical advice when it's convenient for them.​

Stand out with Premium services - available in ​2024

MY CARE PREMIUM by AG makes access to medical advice even easier, and your staff members will get peace of mind knowing that they can have a doctor check their symptoms and answer their questions. A plus for them, as well as for you! Any data collected on the use of digital healthcare services is completely anonymous and GDPR-compliant. The reports will provide you with valuable insights for your HR policy.

On top of MY CARE by AG​:
​ ​
​Acces​s to state-of-the-art Symptom Checker, a partner of AG
Researching symptoms online is one of the easiest and quickest ways to find information that might be able to explain the problem. Unfortunately, getting a DIY diagnosis via the internet is likely to be wrong more often than not. Symptom Checker is a scientifically proven alternative. This tool uses over a decade of medical experience combined with artificial intelligence to medically reassure or refer your employees for further medical attention.

​Two teleconsultations for your staff members
With this service, you not only provide your staff members with access to the online consultation platform Doktr but also compensate the cost of two* ideo consultations with a doctor. This way, you make reliable, personalised care easy and affordable.​

*​The employee is entitled to 2 teleconsultations/year of insurance. Additional teleconsultations are available at the expense of the employee.

​A detailed reporting
The (anonymous) reporting supports your HR policy and helps you set priorities.​

"Medical advice via MY CARE PREMIUM by AG is as fast as your favourite search engine, but more reliable and personal. "​

Your benefits in your pocket

Staff members that have an AG healthcare solution can easily activate the MY CARE services via their MyAG Employee Benefits app. This is also where they can check all the covers and services that come with their AG supplementary pension and income protection plans. All employee benefits consolidated in one single place: unique on the market!

"This app is a handy way to put the spotlight on the extensive employee benefits and services you offer."