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AG Care Vision Full

The essential complement to your corporate-sponsored hospital plan

The security of lifetime coverage

You provide your staff members with an individual hospital plan to fall back on when they become ineligible for corporate coverage. A safety net for life!

The ideal backup plan

The covers featured in AG Care Vision Full will kick in as soon as your staff members lose their right to corporate coverage (e.g. due to retirement).

Affordable rates

The rate your staff members will be charged in the future will be based on their age at the time they signed up for AG Care Vision Full, and not when they became ineligible for corporate coverage.


Subscribe is possible even if your group insurance plan is through another insurer.

Continuation coverage with no deductible

Are your staff members interested in transitioning to an individual hospital plan, but with no deductible? The right to take out continuation coverage comes with the option to eliminate the deductible entirely!


AG Care Vision Full: the right choice for your company?

If you’ve included a hospital plan as part of your employee benefits package, you should probably keep reading! Did you know that you can provide your staff with the same quality healthcare coverage even after they’ve retired? With AG Care Vision Full, they’ll get to keep the benefits and covers included in their corporate hospital plan for the rest of their life, and at affordable rates.

An invaluable lifetime benefit for your staff, and a differentiating factor for your company. After all, in today’s competitive labour market, a comprehensive healthcare plan can be a powerful motivator for recruiting and retaining top talent.

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How does AG Care Vision Full work?

When your staff members lose their corporate-sponsored hospital plan (e.g. due to retirement), they’ll likely want to apply for individual continuation to keep the same covers. The downside, however, is that they’ll be charged the rate corresponding to their age at the time of continuation, not their age at the time they enrolled in the corporate plan. The older they are, the higher the premium, which can be a hefty sum once they’ve retired. A 65-year-old man, for example, will be charged three times the rate applicable to a 20-year-old.

Fortunately, AG Care Vision Full neutralises the sting of higher premiums by locking in the staff member’s age and covers at the time of enrolment. Once your staff members lose the right to corporate coverage, they’ll be given the option to convert their AG Care Vision Full into an individual plan: AG Care Hospitalisation (link is only available in French or Dutch). The premium will be calculated based on the staff member’s age at the time they signed up for AG Care Vision Full. A great way to save your employees thousands of euros on insurance!

When taking out continuation coverage, your staff members will also have the option to eliminate any applicable deductible in their corporate plan. This way, they’ll have nothing to pay out of pocket.


Eligibility requirements

AG Care Vision Full can still be an option for your staff members even if your corporate-sponsored hospital plan is through another insurer. All employees with hospitalisation coverage – and their family members – are eligible for AG Care Vision Full as long as they are at least 20 years old.

Tip: Coverage will be provided with no medical formalities to complete, if more than 15 staff members sign up for the plan.


Inform your staff members

Under the Verwilghen Act, anyone with a corporate-sponsored hospital plan has the right to continue their coverage on an individual basis. As an employer, you are legally required to inform your staff members about the options available to protect them from the sting of significantly higher premiums when taking out continuation coverage. AG Care Vision Full offers just the right solution, as it provides your staff members with a comprehensive hospital plan to fall back on when they lose their corporate coverage, and without a massive hike in their premium.

Click here to find out more about these disclosure requirements and all the necessary forms and documents (link is only available in French or Dutch).

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