Dental Flex, the comprehensive dental plan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Keep your employees’ and their family members’ smiles bright and healthy. 

Comprehensive coverage

From annual check-ups to braces for children and implants, your Dental Flex plan has it all covered, even outside of Belgium.

Flexible solutions

You decide which covers are included in your corporate dental plan.

A compelling alternative form of remuneration

Dental Flex raises your profile as a caring employer among potential new recruits as well as your current talent.

All benefits consolidated in one handy app

With MyAG Employee Benefits, your employees can access their benefits anytime and from anywhere they want, via their computer or their app. Plus, they also benefit from services to improve their mental resilience and physical wellbeing (only via the app).


Dental Flex, the comprehensive dental plan for your employees and their families​

The cost of dental care has been on the rise, and an increasing number of Belgians skip their annual check-up even though this is critically important to keeping our smiles in tip-top condition. Braces are a fact of life for many children and, later on, dental prosthetics will literally fill in the gaps. All of these costs can take a big bite out of the family budget.​

Protect your employees and their families by opting for a Dental Flex dental insurance. ​​

On top of comprehensive covers, your staff members can use the MyAG Employee Benefits app to take advantage of special healthcare services: My Mind by AG, for their mental wellbeing, My Care by AG, their digital doctor, and My Benefits​, exclusive offers from AG's healthcare partners.​​​​

Quickly to

Little girl with a radiant smile thanks to her parents’ dental plan
Dental Flex covers all types of dental care services.

What makes Dental Flex such a comprehensive dental plan?​

Dental Flex covers all kinds of dental care needs including:​​

dental treatments

dental prosthetics, crowns, bridges and implants

orthodontic treatments and devices such as braces

dental x-rays​

preventive treatments

check-​ups and tooth extractions

With Dental Flex, there are:​​

no medical formalities, additional premiums or exclusions

no waiting periods​, i.e. coverage effective immediately upon enrolment

no exclusions for pre-existing conditions

And outside of Belgium?

Your staff members can rest assured that Dental Flex will cover their unplanned dentists’ appointments outside of Belgium as well (provided the treatment is eligible for statutory compensation payable by the Sickness Fund).

AG healthcare services that contribute to better mental and physical health

Easy access to services that maintain good mental and physical health and emergency assistance to restore good mental and physical health.
​​My Mind by AG​​, for the mental wellbeing of your employees 
​​My Care by AG, the digital doctor for your staff members in the form of telehealth services
​​My advantages​ with AG's healthcare partners. Your employees can take advantage of exclusive offers from our partners. 
​​Boost your appeal with your employees with My Mind Premium by AG and My Care Premium by AG

You have access to My Mind by AG as well as the services below. 
Needs-based self-learning programmes on mental wellbeing(The ABCs of Resilience, 50 Shades of Stress)
Access to EASY Employee Assistance & Support for You - an advanced Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
- 24/7 access to a psychologist
- for counselling or advice
- broad approach including assistance for managers, legal-financial consultations, practical support, health coaching, etc.
- up to 5 follow-up sessions

You have access to My Care by AG as well as the services below. 
Symptom Checker: an innovative tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) and over 10 years of medical experience
Medical follow-up: 2 digital doctor consultations per insured and per insurance year included via the Doktr app 

Happy family thanks to their dental insurance
All benefits in one handy app

Added value for both you and your staff members

The flexibility of Dental Flex will put a smile on your face​​

Whatever your budget, you choose:​​

​the reimbursement rate: a refund up to 80% of the costs (after compensation by the Sickness Fund)​

the maximum cap: up to EUR 500, EUR 1,250 or EUR 2,500 per insured​

the deductible: EUR 0, EUR 75 or EUR 125 per year​

Dental insurance, a competitive advantage in the war for talent​​

Given the recurring nature of dental care needs, Dental Flex truly is the ideal fringe benefit. A small investment for you, but with a high-perceived value for your staff members and their families.

What’s more, this insurance is a real asset in attracting new recruits and keeping your current talent happy for the long haul. 

Digital approach for ideal support​ : MyAG Employee Benefits
It's a secure, user-friendly app and platform for plan participants to find out everything they want to know about their corporate-sponsored group insurance. On the app, your employees can access their covers, anytime and anywhere. All of the MyAG Employee Benefits features are also available via your computer, but the services are only accessible via the MyAG Employee Benefits app.​

1. Handy features wherever and wheneveryour employeeswant them
Check your covers​
Claim back medical expenses in a flash 

*Your My Healthcare Card will be available in digital form on MyAG Employee Benefits under the "My Cards" heading. There is no need for you to have a physical My Healthcare Card anymore as you can do everything with your digital card.

2. Services to help your staff members take care of their health  (only on the app) 

With the MyAG Employee Benefits app, you'll be entitled to many additional services to boost your mental resilience and physical wellbeing.
A comprehensive healthcare offer 
Easy access to a wide range of front-line care and support to help you stay mentally and physically healthy. My Mind by AGMy Care by AG​My Benefits​ via AG's healthcare partners. 

AG's premium healthcare services 
Opt for the premium version and become an even more attractive employer for your staff members with My Mind Premium by AG and My Care Premium by AG​

Access to this tool is included in your plan at no extra charge.

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