Defined contribution

Defined contribution premium paid by the employer and/or the employee.

Collective financing

Collective financing of individual supplementary pension entitlements.

Combine Branch 21 and Branch 23 investments

Option to combine Branch 21 and Branch 23 investments in the collective financing fund.

Investment yield allocation

Investment yield allocated to the plan participants whilst actively building up a buffer for the employer.

Broad range of risk covers

Extensive range of risk covers financed in or on top of the budget.

All benefits consolidated in one handy app

With MyAG Employee Benefits, your employees can access their benefits anytime and from anywhere they want, via their computer or their app. Plus, they also benefit from services to improve their mental resilience (only via the app).


​​A flexible and future proof group insurance solution​

Entitlements allocated separately to each individual plan participant

It's up to you, as employer, to select the category of employees eligible for the group insurance plan and to set the budget. The defined contribution premium can be expressed as a percentage of the salary or as a lump sum euro amount. This way, you'll know the exact cost of the plan upfront

You also get to determine upfront how much of the yield earned on the premiums will be allocated to your staff members each year. The balance held in each plan participant's individual account will accrue based on the return earned on the premiums. 

The defined contributions premiums plus the allocated yield make up the individual entitlements for each plan participant.

Collective financing of the pension plan

The premiums for the plan participants will be paid into a collective financing fund used to build up the individual entitlements. Depending on your objectives and your risk appetite, you have the option to link this collective fund to:

our wide range of Branch 23 funds with no guaranteed return (i.e. direct investment on the financial markets)​combination of Branch 21 & Branch 23

You also have the flexibility to adjust your investment strategy and change how you invest the future premiums to take advantage of the latest market conditions.

Quickly to

Innovative financing solution for maximum peace of mind​

Pension@ease automatically sets aside a buffer that you, as employer, can use to finance the statutory minimum return or an additional yield for your staff members. This way, you can be confident of a stable group insurance financing. As the buffer grows by holding back a share of the return on the financing fund, it feels effortless and has no impact on the budget

The yield formula:

The yield formula is predefined in the pension plan regulations and determines how the annual yield on the collective fund will be split between the plan participants' accounts and the buffer set aside by the employer. Depending on your preferences and objectives, you can choose from a number of formulas that, for example, set objectives in terms of the yield to be allocated to your staff members and/or the size of the buffer.
Hybrid investment of your financing fund
For the investment of your financing fund, you can combine the security of branch 21 with the yield potential of branch 23.

Hybrid investment of your financing fund​

The premiums for your plan participants will be paid into a collective financing fund that finances your Pension@ease group insurance plan. Interested in combining the security of Branch 21 with the higher potential upside of Branch 23? No problem! 

The guaranteed interest rate1 in Branch 21 insurance offers you security and at the same time efficiently reduces the volatility (or fluctuating returns) of your collective fund investment. With Branch 23, on the other hand, involves direct investment in the financial markets, so while this financing solution offers a higher potential return, it also comes with higher risk. Fortunately, with our broad range of Branch 23 funds to choose from, you can adjust your risk exposure to match your risk appetite. A flexible mix of both will likely give you best of both worlds.

1The interest rate can be revised upwards or downwards according to the "savings account" principle (otherwise known as the "vertical method").​
AG Employee Benefits is fully committed to your digital support.
AG Employee Benefits is fully committed to your digital support.

Unique advantage: digital support​

AG Employee Benefits has capitalised on the digital revolution to provide additional value to its customers. For the benefit of you and your staff members, we’ve developed a unique digital platform that offers a multitude of possibilities, all in a user-friendly environment.

AG EB Online

Whether it’s to enrol new employees, manage existing plan participants or transfer other data, you’ll be happy to know that your days of endless paperwork are over. It’s all right at your fingertips with this user-friendly web application.

Find out more about AG EB Online

MyAG Employee Benefits

It's a secure, user-friendly app and platform for plan participants to find out everything they want to know about their corporate-sponsored group insurance. On the app, your employees can access their covers, anytime and anywhere. All of the MyAG Employee Benefits features are also available via your computer, but the services are only accessible via the MyAG Employee Benefits app.
The very first fully customised web-based platform for corporate-sponsored supplementary insurance. It’s the go-to source for your staff to find out everything they need to know about their supplementary benefits you have carefully hand-picked for them via
AG Employee Benefits.

1. Handy features wherever and whenever your employees want them
In just a few keystrokes, your participants can check the size of their supplementary pension as well as their death benefit coverage. And that’s not all – we’ve even incorporated their healthcare plans.

2. Services to help your staff members take care of their health  (only on the app) 

With the MyAG Employee Benefits app, you'll be entitled to many additional services to boost your mental resilience.
Easy access to a wide range of front-line care and support to help you stay mentally and physically healthy. My Mind by AG​

More information about MyAG Employee Benefits

Sustainability information

epending on the selected funds, the plan incorporates ESG factors that allow it to contribute to a positive impact on the environment and/or society and to limit negative impacts on the environment and/or society, through an appropriate selection of investments. Information on these ESG factors is available here (FR​ – NL​). To find out more about AG's approach to sustainable and responsible investing, go to​.

You will also find more information in the sustainability fact sheet (FR​ – NL​) for each of the funds that can be included in this product as well as the corresponding annual report (FR​ - NL​).

For customers looking to double down on their commitment to ESG, AG also offers Branch 21 (FR - NL) and Branch 23 (FR - NL) products that take an even more advanced approach.

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