Published on 23/05/2018


What is Branch 23?

As a global player on the pension market, we have in-depth knowledge and extensive Branch 23 expertise. The moment has come for us to introduce you to Branch 23.​


What’s so special about Branch 23?

Branch 23 group insurances invest in funds without a guaranteed return by the insurer (best-efforts mode). In other words, the return on these group insurance policies depends on the results of their investments. At AG Employee Benefits you can choose between different Branch 23 investment funds based on your investor profile: are you ready to take risks to try to obtain a higher return?


There are many possibilities

AG Employee Benefits offers an extensive range of Branch 23 funds. Which means that you can always be sure to find the fund or funds which best meet your needs:

Fixed asset funds, in Europe and worldwide
Global flexible and tactical allocation funds worldwide
Passive and active management funds

Discover our complete product line in Branch 23.


How are Branch 23 funds managed?

Selecting an AG Employee Benefits Branch 23 solution means opting for:

an extensive and diversified range of funds;
permanent access to the best fund managers around the world;
an excellent return history.

Your funds will provide optimum returns thanks to our unique management method,​ Their underlying assets are actively managed by outside specialists who receive a mandate to manage part of the funds.

A highly diversified approach ensures that the funds generate consistent returns over the years:


At AG EB, you can count on funds which invest in one or several asset classes. You can decide yourself what goes into your portfolio or opt for mixed funds and entrust the task to other people.


Our funds are characterised by an intelligent combination of different investment styles and strategies (e.g. growth & value) which reduces risk: no one knows in advance which strategy will provide the best returns. Thanks to this balanced approach, you can be sure that the most advantageous strategy at any given time will be present in your portfolio.


We also search for the best fund managers for each style. Taken together, the fund managers make up a “Dream Team” which can find the best possible returns for your group insurance. You can always count on a diversified fund, entrusted to the world’s best managers.

This short video ​explains how the multi-management method works:


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Sustainability initiatives at AG

At AG, we are convinced that sustainable and responsible investing is critical to a successful long-term investment strategy. Environmental, social and governance factors (known as ESG factors) can also have a real impact on investment risk and performance. 

or this reason, AG's general investment policy (FR - NL) always takes ESG risk scores into account in its analysis before investing in certain companies, and also ensures that controversial sectors are excluded. 

or interested investors, AG has developed Branch 23 (FR NL) products that take the approach to sustainable and responsible investing even further.


Want to find out more about Branch 21?

Feel free to contact our sales managers. They will be happy to answer your questions. You will find more articles about Branch 21 and Branch 23 below. You can also check the AG EB Invest dashboard to get a clear and detailed overview of each of our funds.​

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