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Published on 19/11/2018


Review and compare our investment fund returns

As one of the few global pension players on the Belgian market, AG EB offers a range of investment funds for its group insurance plans, both with and without a guaranteed return (Branch 21 vs Branch 23), and with varying degrees of risk. In other words, the right risk class to suit all investor profiles. On this page, you’ll find all the details about our investment fund returns.

Branch 21: investment fund with a guaranteed return

The Rainbow White fund offers a guaranteed return of 0.75%. AG EB may also award annual profit sharing depending on positive fund performance.

Branch 23: investment funds with no guaranteed return
Each of our Branch 23 funds has its own asset mix and risk profile. The management regulations give a detailed and accurate description of the funds and the way they operate. The general management regulation (in French or Dutch) applies to all Rainbow funds.
Are you looking for the return or the management regulation of a specific fund? Want to check historical fund performance? Then you’ll definitely want to try our online tool to:
track the growth in the returns earned on each fund
compare the returns earned on two or more different funds
review the specific management regulations for each fund

Fund performance
Every quarter, AG EB summarises the latest economic events and the results achieved by the Branch 23 funds. The most recent management insights and commentary are available for your review below:​

​​management insights and commentary Q3 2018​​​ ​ FR​ - NL

​​management insights and commentary Q2 2018​​​ ​ FR​ - NL

​​management insights and commentary Q1 2018  FR​ - NL

​​​​​​​​management insights and commentary Q4 2017  FR - ​NL

For (even) more information
Interested in a broader view of where the economy is heading? We have just the right sources for you:

Wim Vermeir’s blog (only available in French and Dutch) : AG Insurance’s Chief Investment Officer explores the latest trends and issues affecting the economy.

Economic Outlook: our specialists share their insights on the prospects ahead.