AG EB Online

​​​ Enroll new staff members, manage participant data and review your plan regulations and financial information. It’s all right at your fingertips with this handy web application.

Security above all

Data exchanged and viewed in a fully secure environment

Speed and efficiency

Digital processing of data insures a quick handling of your requests


Check the status of your requests via the transaction overview


Option to create multiple user profiles with different access permissions


Fewer paper printouts and all documents available online = environmentally friendly

What is AG EB Online?

AG EB Online is the secure web-based platform designed to help customers with the day-to-day management of their AG Employee Benefits group insurance and/or hospital plans.

AG EB Online is available free of charge.

Quickly to

With AG EB Online, you can view and edit data.

A multitude of possibilities

You can use AG EB Online to:

view and update plan participant data

consult documents such as benefit statements, transaction records, payment notices, NSSO forms and your plan regulations

communicate new salaries for your annual recalculation

look up the details for your contact person at AG Employee Benefits

You can even grant your potential broker access to your data, from read-only to editing privileges. And as AG EB Online can only be accessed with a Digipass card reader and a PIN code, it’s fully secure.

Modifying data

To communicate changes, AG EB Online is the ideal solution for up to 20 transactions per month.

For higher volumes and frequency, we have other interesting alternatives to suggest. Contact us at and we’ll come up with the right solution to meet your company’s needs.

The superuser will have access to all plans and all tasks.

Access and activation


Once you’ve signed the Terms of Use, you designate a superuser who will have access to all plans and all tasks. The superuser will also have the power to create other users and manage their access privileges. All users will also be issued a Digipass and an initial PIN code that can be used to log in to AG EB Online via the button at the top of this website.

Still don’t have access to AG EB Online?

E-mail us at​ and we’ll get your access privileges set up as soon as possible.

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Send in your questions about AG EB Online or request a non-binding quote via the contact button.

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