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Sustainable investing in de 'Scholen van Morgen'

Published on 20/06/2019


How do sustainable investing in Branch 21 and creating added value for society go along

Investing your group insurance premiums in a Branch 21 solution means delivering on the promise of safety in the form of a guaranteed return. But did you know that sustainable investing also helps to develop your local economy and communities?

AG is Belgium’s biggest institutional investor. The backbone of our investment portfolio is high quality fixed income securities that earn a fixed return. To generate additional returns, we also invest a portion of our portfolio in more dynamic investment vehicles.

With this combination, you get the safety you’re looking for in a Branch 21 solution, plus an attractive total return. But that’s not all, as via our socially responsible investments you’ll also be contributing to the local economy.

Sustainable investing = investing in the Belgian economy

We help boost the local economy and surrounding communities by funneling a share of our dynamic investments into infrastructure projects that have relevant added value for society.

This is why we have invested in a variety of real estate development projects, such as the renovation of City 2, the biggest shopping centre in the Brussels downtown core. We also invest in public carpark operators such as Interparking, which manages carparks at airports, hospitals and shopping centres. In all of these projects, we have taken on the role of active investor. With our proven experience and know-how, we are able to bypass any middlemen and invest directly. 

Added value for society

Another way that we invest is by granting loans to infrastructure projects that significantly add value to society. For example, we are one of the driving forces behind Scholen van morgen (Schools of Tomorrow) , the fast track PPP initiative to build and renovate 182 school buildings in Flanders. We also have a hand in public transport with the construction of the new tram line in Liège. Eco-friendly, fast and efficient, the tram is a modern and clean energy solution to structurally improve mobility in the city.

Supplementary pensions and society, a winning combination

The ideal match between managing a supplementary pension and investing in infrastructure over the long term provides the security of a safe haven investment as well as additional ROI. Via your Branch 21 group insurance, you not only help your staff build up an additional retirement nest egg, but also support Belgian society at large. It is through your premiums and reserves that we can create added value for society. A triple-win situation for our customers, society and its citizens.