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Wind turbines provide tailwind for CSR concept

Published on 03/12/2019


CSR principles, a key component of our corporate strategy


As a company that truly cares about its social and environmental impact, we have incorporated the principles of CSR (corporate social responsibility) in our corporate strategy.​

When it comes to our group insurance products, the most striking example of sustainable and responsible management practices is undoubtedly our approach to sustainable investing. 

But being a socially responsible company obviously goes further than that: we are mindful of the social and environmental impact of our activities on society, we make every effort to reduce any negative effects we have on society, we apply principles of good governance to our strategy, and we are transparent and ethical in our communication.

How does AG Employee Benefits apply CSR principles?
Society, a key stakeholder in our global corporate strategy

We are always mindful of the social and environmental impact of our products, services and investments. We view society as one of the five big stakeholder in our business and therefore place it on the same level as our customers, shareholders, employees and partners.

Hans De Cuyper 

"Insurance has a decisive role to play in our society. By managing your employees' supplementary pension funds as well as possible, we help all Belgian citizens to continue to live and to invest, without a care in the world. This way, they get the most out of life, in good times and in more challenging ones."


Hans De Cuyper, Chief Executive Officer at AG


Interested in finding out more about what AG does in this matter? Check AG's global vision


Your group insurance benefits are invested sustainably

We apply a single investment policy to all of our products, services and funds based on two fundamental principles: the exclusion of controversial activities and the incorporation of environmental, social and good governance (ESG) factors. We have also signed the U.N. PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), a decision that highlights our long-standing commitment to sustainable and responsible investing practices.

You can therefore be sure that your premiums and reserves are always invested sustainably. This way, we contribute together to a better future for our society.


Our single investment policy  


1.ESG factors in our investment policy

In order to measure the sustainability of our funds, we take social, environmental and good governance (ESG) factors into account when analysing our Branch 21 and Branch 23 investment opportunities.

By investing sustainably and applying ESG factors to our decision-making process, we can better assess the risks and obtain more stable long-term returns as a result.


2. Exclusions

When it comes to exclusions, we go beyond what is required by international legislation. We refrain from investing in countries subject to international sanctions, in controversial weapons manufactures, etc. We avoid investments routed via tax havens. We have also added the weapons , tobacco and fossil fuel sectors to our exclusions list.

For more information about AG's global investment policy, see the page “Our investment policy” and check the details of our investment policy in the document entitled "Our general framework for sustainable and responsible investing ".


A new commitment to CSR

At AG, the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond sustainable investing. We also apply CSR principles across our entire company. Reducing our CO2 emissions is one of many examples of our broader commitment to CSR.

We calculate, reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions. As a result, we were recently awarded "CO2 neutral" certification. To reduce our environmental footprint, we use sustainable materials in our new constructions, encourage our staff members to adopt sustainable mobility solutions, and reduce our CO2 emissions by allowing all of our staff members to work from home.

Society's expectations for sustainable and responsible investing are constantly changing. In response to these needs, AG has created a range of group insurance products based on an even more advanced approach to sustainable and responsible investing. 

Interested in finding out more about our sustainable solutions? 

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