Clear digital communication for employers and employees

​ Today it's more important than ever to communicate transparently. So let us give you a helping hand in communicating with your employees and simplify your administrative work with innovative digital tools.



Straightforward tools to facilitate your role as employer

As an employer you devote a lot of time and effort to your workforce. AG Employee Benefits is there to ease the burden for you…. everything from answering questions to reducing the pile of paperwork.

MyAG Employee Benefits

Discover now the advantages of this showpiece of AG Employee Benefits. It's the first complete insurance platform containing information about pensions, health coverage, death benefits and occupational incapacity. It will quickly guide your employees through the world of complementary insurance benefits. It’s a unique tool in the market and an indispensable assistant in your communication with your employees.
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AG EB Online

Whether it’s to enrol new employees, manage existing plan participants or transfer other data, you’ll be happy to know that your days of endless paperwork are over. It’s all right at your fingertips with our unique, user-friendly web applic​ation.
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A crystal-clear view of the benefits for your employees

Employees frequently know too little about complementary insurance plans like group or hospitalisation insurance. These digital communication tools will help you get your message across and make the benefits you offer via AG Employee Benefits tangible for every employee.

MyAG Employee Benefits

Let your employees log in to their personalised zone of MyAG Employee Benefits to find out in an instant the amount of their complementary pension, death benefit coverage and much more, including any health insurance.
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Health Care-website

From now on employees can submit their medical expenses completely online all year round. This is where your employees will find all the information they need about reimbursement of their expenses and what to do if they are admitted to hospital.
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It's never been as easy as this to provide notification of hospitalisation. On the Medi-Assistance website, your employees can activate the third-party payer arrangement in just a few steps.
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