Limit the consequences of occupational incapacity for your employees

Maternity leave, critical illness, burnout ... The reasons may be very different, but the financial consequences for your employee are always substantial. It’s time to do something about it.



Limit salary loss

Statutory benefits for people incapacitated for work often fall short of what they need to maintain their standard of living. What’s more, it puts pressure on accruing supplementary pension. Fortunately, you can give your employee a helping hand.

Income Care

If your employee has been absent from work for some time, the guaranteed income group insurance provides financial protection against occupational incapacity plus bespoke care for stress-related conditions like a burnout.
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Income Care simulation tool

Simulate how Income Care insurance cushions loss of income caused by occupational incapacity. 
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Waiver of premiums

Make sure that even during incapacity for work your employees can continue to accrue supplementary pension through group insurance and remain fully insured for death benefit coverage.
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What about medical expenses?

Occupational incapacity is inevitably accompanied by steep medical expenses that quickly accumulate. This makes ambulant care insurance a necessity rather than a luxury.

Medical costs are on the rise

Life is becoming more expensive, and for proof you need to look no further than rising expenditure on medical care. Read this article, with a few remarkable examples.
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Ambucare Flexible

Discover the ambulant care insurance that reimburses all medical expenses all year round, even those unrelated to admission to hospital.
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