Stop Colon Cancer

​​AG Employee Benefits and Dr ​Luc Colemont's non-profit organisation Stop Colon Cancer have joined forces to beat colon cancer. Find out how your company can join the bat​tle.

Indispensable part of your staff wellness policy

1 out of 20 Belgians gets colon cancer. More than 90% of cases are curable if the disease is detected in time.

Prevention at your company

Use the lunch & learn concept to share knowledge that can save lives.

Boost your image

Besides offering a good remuneration package, you keep your employees happy and healthy.


​Why does Stop Colon Cancer merit a place in your wellness policy?

1 out of 20 Belgians gets colon cancer. Fortunately, more than 90% of cases can be cured if the disease is diagnosed early. As an employer you can provide a helping hand. Encourage your employees to live healthier and above all to take a test that detects the disease. It will make you stand out as an employer that not only offers its employees a good remuneration package, but also keeps them happy and healthy.

The non-profit organisation Stop Colon Cancer exists to highlight the importance of preventing colon cancer. Thanks to a partnership with AG, its prevention story reaches the entire AG network. Your company can also team up with us to stop colon cancer.

In order to reinforce our commitment, AG reimburs​es preventive co​lon screening (colonoscopy) in all its hospitalisation insurance policies as long as the insured opts for a double or multi-bed room.

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Lunch & learn

Our HR solution for colon cancer prevention is built around a lunch & learn programme. After all, sharing knowledge can save lives. A room and a beamer are the only things you need in order to organise a lunch & learn for your staff. A light lunch will be followed by a fascinating lecture by Dr Luc Colemont, founder of non-profit organisation Stop Colon Cancer.

Communication toolkit​

A range of awareness-building tools you can use at lunch & learn sessions, but also whenever you want to share knowledge without organising a session.

Fun and enlightening quiz for your staff​

This Stop Colon Cancer quiz​ is a playful way for you to inform your employees and raise their awareness.

Want to organise your own lunch & learn session at your company? Interested in a communication toolkit? Just click on the button and we’ll get the materials out to you as soon as possible.

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Find out how AG fights colon cancer


As a partner of the non-profit organisation Stop Colon Cancer, AG obviously considered it logical to start by raising the awareness of its own staff. Find out in this video ( FR - NL) what they thought of it.

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