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​​​Autumn is the ideal time for your staff members to revisit their selected cafeteria plan options. Unfortunately, it is also the season for virus outbreaks, depression and burnout syndrome. Find out more about the solutions for this time of year.


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Time for a check-up

Months ago, your staff members selected the options to include in their plan. Are they still up to date and do they accurately reflect their marital/family status? Encourage them to review and possibly reconsider them.

E-volulife: flexi​bility by design

With this cafeteria-style plan, you select a pool of options available to your staff members, and they hand-pick from among the various benefits based on their individual needs.

My Global Benefits

A secure, custom-designed digital platform where your staff members can review and modify their options.

Thinking outside the box: Lifecycle plan

With the innovative Lifecycle concept, no active adjustments are required. The Branch 23 investment strategy for this group insurance plan automatically evolves according to your staff members’ age, guaranteeing them a group insurance solution that matches their investment objectives at different stages of their life.​


Coming soon: annual recalculation

It will soon be time to adjust the covers included in your group insurance plan. AG EB Online is the quick and easy way to communicate new salary and bonus information.

AG EB Online

The most convenient, fully secure and quickest way to exchange data about your group insurance plan.

Log in directly

Click here to log in to AG EB Online quickly and safely. Make sure you have your Digipass card reader and PIN code close at hand.

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Virus outbreaks in the country

With the colder temperatures, your staff members are more susceptible to the flu and other viruses. Their Ambucare Flexible plan will prove to be more useful than ever.

Refunds for outpatient medical care

Medication and doctors’ appointments? Your staff members can claim a refund for these medical expenses even when unrelated to an inpatient stay. This plan is also an interesting alternative to a bonus or salary increase.

A highly valued fringe benefit

Medical expenses for the average family can quickly add up. No wonder there is increasing demand from employees for a group outpatient care plan.

Rising healthcare expenses

A family of four spends roughly EUR 1,896 on healthcare. The average cost of a dental crown is EUR 752, and none of that can be claimed back from the Belgian National Institute for Illness-Disability insurance. You can make a difference for your staff members.


Shorter, darker days: beware of depression and burnout syndrome

The lack of daylight during the winter months may trigger a higher incidence of depression and burnout syndrome in your staff members. You can offer them a financial safety net along with custom-designed return-to-work assistance.

Income Care and custom-designed return-to-work assistance

The combination of an income protection plan and individually-tailored support and guidance for stress-related conditions is unique on the market and provides you with a competitive advantage in the war for talent.

Calculating the benefits payable for occupational incapacity

With this tool, your staff members will find out how modest the statutory benefits are if ever they become too sick or disabled to work. All the more reason for them to appreciate your Income Care solution.

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