​​​ Go for certainty and reward your employees with Branch 21 group insurance, plus death benefit coverage if desired.

Life & Death

Accrue a complementary pension nest egg for your employees and add on death benefit coverage.

No unpleasant surprises

You know beforehand the exact cost price of your plan.

Go for certainty

The remitted contributions will be deposited in a Branch 21 fund with a guaranteed return.

Get a cash advance

Even before retirement your employees can enjoy their complementary pension nest egg.

Exchange data efficiently and easily

Say goodbye to the hassle of paperwork. Manage the data of your employees quickly and simply using AG EB Online.

My Global Benefits

The digital tool for your employees to see at a glance how much complementary pension is already in their savings pot.


​Both Life and Death

Pension4Life allows your employees to accrue a splendid complementary pension for after their active career. Depositing the contributions in a Branch 21 investment fund will make the complementary pension grow month by month. What's more, on top of the guaranteed return on the Life capital, an annual profit-sharing can be awarded based on the results of AG Employee Benefits. Profit-sharing is not guaranteed and is subject to change from year to year.

If you want to get still more out of group insurance plans, you can offer employees additional death benefit coverage. This will give beneficiaries of your employee an entitlement to a death benefit in the event of the employee's death before retirement.

Quickly to

You know the cost price of your plan beforehand.

The group insurance for those who don't like surprises

Know the cost price of your plan beforehand

Pension4Life is a defined contribution group insurance. It means you decide beforehand every time how much contributions you will deposit periodically in the Branch 21 fund. It may be a fixed amount, or a certain percentage of the employee’s salary. It is also possible to deposit only bonuses in the Branch 21 fund.

Invest with complete certainty

Depositing the contributions in a Branch 21 fund with a guaranteed return lets you incorporate a great deal of certainty in your plan, both for you and for your employees. This kind of guaranteed complementary pension is a sign of your commitment as a caring employer, making it easier for you to recruit and retain new talent.

With Pension4Life, your employees will have a lot more left in their pockets.

Instant advantages for employer and employee

Tax relief

From a taxation point of view, group insurance plans are more advantageous than cash payouts. So group insurance provides attractive alternative remuneration for employer and employee alike. After all, with a pension plan, your employee will be left after tax with 88% of the gross amount, and it will be less than half in the case of cash because of the personal income tax.

Cash advances

You can give your employees a possibility to take out a cash advance on their complementary pension nest egg. Even before retirement they will then be able to use some of the pension money already accrued to buy or remodel real estate, or to repay a mortgage loan.

AG Employee Benefits has capitalised on the digital revolution to provide additional value to customers.

Unique strength: digital support

AG Employee Benefits has capitalised on the digital revolution to provide additional value to its customers. For the benefit of you and your staff members, we’ve developed a unique digital support that offers a multitude of possibilities, all in a user-friendly environment.

AG EB Online

Whether it’s to enrol new employees, manage existing plan participants or transfer other data, you’ll be happy to know that your days of endless paperwork are over. It’s all right at your fingertips with our unique, user-friendly web application.

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My Global Benefits

The market’s very first digital complementary pension platform for employees. In just a few keystrokes, your participants can check the size of their complementary pension as well as their death benefit coverage. And that’s not all – we’ve even incorporated any healthcare plans they have.

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AG does in terms of sustainability 

At AG, we are convinced that sustainable investment is central to successful long-term investment. This is reflected in our general investing policy (FR - NL) which includes environmental, social and governance factors (ESG), and takes into account sustainability risks. Therefore, all our clients can be assured their investment is made in a socially responsible way.

For the clients who would like to go an extra mile, AG now also offers different Branch 21 products following a even more advanced approach described here (FR - NL)​.

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