Hospicare Flexible hospitalisation insurance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The AG group hospital plan that allows you to hand-pick your covers to suit your staff members’ needs and your budget.​

Custom-designed solution

Up to you to select the covers and deductibles at a premium that works for your company.

Comprehensive protection, even outside of Belgium

Assistance and protection for your staff members and their family, in Belgium and beyond.

Automated refunds

Pharmacy receipts are immediately forwarded digitally for reimbursement, and Medi-Assistance will settle the hospital bill with the hospital directly


Why choose an AG group hospital plan?

The beauty of Hospicare Flexible hospitalisation insurance is in its flexible design. It’s up to you to decide what’s covered, based on your budget and staff members' needs. And even the base version comes with extensive coverage.

In today’s competitive labour market, hospitalisation insurance can be just the differentiating factor you need to bring in new recruits and keep them happy for the long-haul. A hospital plan is one of the most coveted fringe benefits on the market. It's also a clever way to sweeten a reward package, as any funds that you invest in a hospital plan deliver a higher net take-home value to your staff than a pay raise or a cash bonus. Not to mention that the premiums you pay are exempt from social security contributions.​

Quickly to

A man enjoying full coverage of his group hospital insurance
Comprehensive base coverage and interesting supplementary covers designed to suit your company’s specific needs.

What does your hospital plan cover?

Four comprehensive base covers will provide your staff members with peace of mind if ever they are hospitalised in Belgium or further afield. 

With supplementary covers
, you can design a bespoke plan that meets your company's specific needs. And with your choice of deductible, you can keep your budget under control. 

Fun fact: no medical questionnaire will be required. Once your staff members enrol in the plan, their coverage will be effective immediately, with no waiting period to serve.

Base covers

As an inpatient or a day-case admission

Hospicare covers the following expenses:

inpatient room and board in a single-occupancy room

doctors’ fees, diagnostic examinations, treatment and medication

prosthetics and orthopaedic devices:

    • if eligible for statutory Illness-Disability compensation: 100%
    • if ineligible for statutory Illness-Disability compensation: 100% up to EUR 5,000 per insured per year

home births: flat-rate compensation of EUR 620

rooming-in (room and board for one of the parents throughout their insured child’s hospital stay)

(emergency) transportation to the hospital or transfers between two hospitals


Pre-admission and post-discharge outpatient care

​​Medical care 1 month prior to admission and 3 months post-discharge will be covered if directly related to reason for hospital admission
This includes, for example, medication and doctors' fees (general practitioner, specialist, etc.). 

TIP: your staff members can simply hand their My Healthcare Card to the pharmacist for scanning. This way, the itemised receipts will be directly forwarded to AG.​ 

Critical illnesses

Your staff members will be entitled to year-round coverage for medical care to treat 30 critical illnesses. Even if no hospital stay is required.

Assistance while travelling abroad

Your staff members get the same extensive coverage all over the world, whether in Belgium or further afield. 

They’re also entitled to additional assistance services including repatriation if necessary.


Additional covers

Looking to provide even more features and benefits? Try our additional protection and services, all based on your budget and staff member needs. It’s up to you to decide what you offer on top of the basics:

Doubling of pre-admission and post-discharge care coverage periods

You can opt to double the outpatient coverage period from one to two months before the hospital admission, and from three to six months after discharge.


Third-party payer agreement

  • The concept is simple: your staff members report the hospital admission, ideally in advance, and ​​settles the hospital bill with the hospital directly. 

Additional assistance

  • Medi-Assistance also entitles them to additional services prior to admission and after discharge.

If your plan includes Delta, you'll be making your hospital plan – and your company – an even more compelling proposition.
This is the most comprehensive version of Hospicare Flexible and comes with double the pre-admission/post-discharge coverage periods plus additional refunds.


It's up to you to decide whether your staff members pay nothing at all or a small share towards their inpatient costs. 

Want to find out more?
Review the full details of all the standard and supplementary covers in the product information sheet.

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A range of additional services for optimal protection of your staff members

Top up your hospital plan

AG's outpatient care and dental care covers

With these covers, your staff members will be able to claim back the cost of their medical treatment, even outside the confines of an inpatient stay. 

Find out more about what the outpatient care​ and dental care plans have to offer.​

Continuation coverage

When your staff members leave the company or retire, they
lose the right to their corporate-sponsored hospital plan. 
To neutralise the sting of higher premiums for individual hospitalisation insurance, your staff members can take out a supplementary policy that will lock in their age.

Be sure to let your staff members know about the option to take out
individual continuation coverage ​and introduce them to the benefits of AG Care Vision.​ 
A couple with their child protected by their hospitalisation insurance
With these tools, your staff members will know exactly what's included in their insurance covers.​

Already familiar with our unique online tools? 

These tools will save you and your staff members time and effort:
reduced administrative burden
automated procedures
ready-to-use information for your staff members​

My Global Benefits: your staff member's secure, user-friendly, go-to source for information about their corporate-sponsored group insurance covers.

My Healthcare Card:​ 
with this card, your staff members' receipts for their pharmacy purchases are automatically forward to AG for a refund.

Health Care website:​ 
this is where your staff members will find all the information they need about getting their money back for an inpatient stay and other out-of-pocket expenditure. They can also use this site to report a hospital admission. ​

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