My Healthcare Card

With this card, claiming a refund for prescription medication is as easy as child’s play.

Individual card

All staff members – as well as any participating family members – will be issued a card in their own name.

Quick and painless

Out-of-pocket pharmacy purchases will be forwarded to AG Insurance automatically for reimbursement.

No more pesky paperwork to keep track of

Just scan the card at the pharmacy and that’s all there is to it.

Hospicare and Ambucare Flexible

Use the card before and after a hospital stay, or year-round for outpatient care or a critical illness.

Access to My Global Benefits

The My Healthcare Card is the gateway to My Global Benefits, the very first fully customised web-based insurance portal.


​Real-life snippet

Here’s a story that you – as well as your staff members – can probably relate to. Like everyone, you need to make a trip to the pharmacy every now and then. After paying for your purchases, you get an itemised receipt (BVAC supplementary insurance attestation) that you can send in to claim back out-of-pocket expenses from your hospitalisation and/or outpatient care insurance. Unfortunately, these receipts often end up crumpled up in your pocket or – worse – you have no idea what you did with them. With the My Healthcare Card, keeping track of these pesky slips of paper has become a thing of the past.

Quickly to

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Just scan the card and the itemised receipts will be forwarded to AG insurance automatically.

How does the card work?


Part of setting up your staff members with a new Ambucare or Hospicare Flexible means they’ll all be issued their own personal My Healthcare Card. Once they complete the one-time online activation process, they’ll be able to hand the card to the pharmacist for scanning when they’re ready to pay for their purchases. Receipts for prescription medication will then be forwarded to AG Insurance electronically.

In other words, no more paper forms to send in or little receipts to keep track of! Just one of the many attractive additional features included with Ambucare Flexible, the healthcare plan that covers the cost of prescription medication year-round.

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Gateway to My Global Benefits

The My Healthcare Card also serves as a tangible reminder to your staff members that they have access to My Global Benefits, the secure and custom-designed web platform that provides them with a complete overview of their corporate-sponsored fringe benefits.

Only the My Healthcare Card can be used at the pharmacy.

What’s the difference between the My Healthcare card and the Medi-Assistance?


Don’t mistake the My Healthcare Card for the Medi-Assistance card. Only the My Healthcare Card (green) can be used at the pharmacy. In addition, only the My Healthcare Card requires prior activation by your staff member.




Coming soon… one app, one digital card

Starting next year, a single digital "card" – the brand new AG Health app – will gradually be rolled out to replace the My Healthcare Card and the Medi-Assistance card. It will open up a whole range of possibilities and even greater convenience, right at your fingertips.

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