The app that makes group insurance tangible in an intangible world - AG Employee Benefits
Everything you need to know about supplementary pensions in the MyAG Employee Benefits app

Published on 28/11/2023


Making group insurance tangible in an intangible world


​With the launch of MyAG Employee Benefits this year, our objective was to go far beyond a simple design overhaul. Our platform and smartphone app were specifically designed to make employee benefits more tangible, crystal-clear and easy to navigate for your staff members. Not only health insurance but also supplementary pension benefits.​

All supplementary pen​sion benefits in one single app!

Since this summer, all the fringe benefits you generously provide for your staff members have been consolidated in a single handy app. This also includes supplementary pension plans and death benefit coverage. What an opportunity to make a difference for your staff members, with efficiency gains and a wide variety of handy features that are unmatched in the market!

Not only can they see how much you have already contributed towards their supplementary pension, but they can also simulate at a glance the net amount they should receive on the day they retire.  And to top it all off, they can claim payment of their supplementary pension benefits online once they retireNothing could be easier! 

Do your staff members have a cafeteria plan? If so, they can check their supplementary covers, request changes, and calculate the impact

Did you know that they can check the latest status of their group insurance in the app at any time? Not only when their salary or working hours have changed, but also when they get married or have a baby, for example. The app even shows stock market fluctuations! And that is truly unique on the market.

​​ ​

The MyAG Employee Benefits app is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

A variety of handy features

Your staff members with an AG supplementary pension plan have access to a variety of handy features in their MyAG Employee Benefits app. ​Let’s take a look! 
Size of current pension plan reserves and proj​​ected supplementary pens​ion benefits 
Your staff members can check the latest status of their group insurance plan, anytime and anywhere.

Not only do they see the increase in their pension plan reserves, but also in their future supplementary pension.

All it takes is a few clicks to display the complete details. This way, they'll have a clear idea of the efforts you make to secure their financial future! 

Gross-to-net simulator, plus plenty of practical information
A truly unique feature: in just a few seconds, our gross-to-net simulator​ will show how much your staff members will be entitled to collect on their retirement date. It's also their go-to source for practical information such as tax implications for group insurance, benefit payout terms, etc.

Their benefits statements at their fingertips
Your staff members will have access to all their benefits statements, even from previous employers (if applicable). On top of view mode, they also have the option to download their statements. 

Death benefit proceeds
Has death benefit coverage been taken out? If so, MyAG Employee Benefits will also show the current amount their loved ones will be entitled to collect if the unthinkable should happen. 

Payment of benefits can be requested online
Once we've been notified of your staff member's retirement date, we'll make sure s/he can request payment of his/her group insurance benefits online. We take care of all the details for faster, smoother processing.

What's in it for you?

MyAG Employee Benefits is more than just a platform that showcases the many fringe benefits you offer. It's also a go-to source for information. All to streamline processes and make your life easier. 

And that's not all. Via the app, your staff members can check their mental well-being and get personalised recommendations and information to boost their mental resilience. Plus access to professional counsellors for help and assistance. The ideal way for you to stand out on the job market with a positive company culture.

Extra in the app: My Mind by AG 
Services that help you protect your staff members' mental well-being

With this handy online tool, you'll get healthier and more engaged employees, ultimately boosting productivity and job satisfaction. We're sure you'll agree that this is a welcome side effect! 

Inform your staff members: ask for your toolkit.

Don't delay, act today: inform your staff members about the many features of MyAG Employee Benefits. All they have to do is download and install the app. Haven't given your staff members access yet? Be sure to contact your trusted sales representative and we'll get this set up for you.

To help you to spread the word to your staff, we’ve assembled a comprehensive toolkit dedicated to MyAG Employee Benefits. This kit is packed with a variety of resources including posters, one pagers, and videos. Feel free to reach out to your AG contact person for any queries and utilize this toolkit for your needs.