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Staff members of all ages are testing the gross-net simulator on My Global Benefits.

Published on 29/06/2022


Unique solution on the market: net group insurance proceeds simulator


More than four million people in Belgium have a group insurance plan. Despite this sizeable number, there's no easy way for employees to check how much they'll collect when they retire. Until now! A few days ago, AG added a user-friendly gross-net simulator to MyAG Employee benefits that calculates the projected net value of your staff members' supplementary pension nest egg. Find out more about the benefits of this simulator here.

​AG designed MyAG Employee Benefits​ to make it easier for your staff members to understand the covers you've generously included in their fringe benefit package. We regularly add new features to this platform. Our latest addition is a gross-net simulator that calculates the projected net value of your staff members' supplementary pension nest egg when they retire.

Unique solution on the group insurance market

Regardless of their age, your staff members are surely wondering how their group insurance proceeds will be taxed and how much they'll take home after the taxman has taken his cut. After all, this is the most widely read FAQ on MyAG Employee Benefits. Unfortunately, none of the market players have a ready-made solution for this. It's true that insurers are only legally required to give the projected gross benefit value. 

But AG has since gone one step further by developing a gross-net simulator on MyAG Employee Benefits that calculates their net supplementary pension proceeds directly online.       

With this new tool, your staff members will get:
  • ​a better idea of the tax that will be withheld from their group insurance proceeds 
  • the security of knowing how much they'll take home when they retire
  • a series of FAQs to help them head into retirement with confidence

Available to all staff members 

This new tool is available to all staff members, regardless of how close they are to retirement. The resulting projection is customised to reflect each employee's individual situation and is based on the most recent data from MyAG Employee Benefits.


Try out the gross-net simulator

Want to give it a try? Log in to MyAG Employee Benefits and in the Retirement section, click on the "Calculate your net pension benefits" button.