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Symptom Checker, partner of AG

Published on 13/05/2024


Symptom Checker, reliable and personalised medical information via My Care Premium by AG

When it comes to medical complaints, we all want clarity as soon as possible. We seek information online, but often only become more anxious because of what we read. As long as doubts persist, people remain anxious and lose concentration, including at work. The Symptom Checker helps ensure that your employees feel reassured and are not distracted by questions about their health. A plus for them, as well as for you!

What does the Symptom Checker, partner of AG offer?

The Symptom Checker is one of the medical tools your employees can use 24/7 through the MyAG Employee Bene​fits app, if you choose to offer them My Care Premium by AG​. In the tool, users describe their symptoms using a smart questionnaire, after which they immediately receive reliable information on the potential causes, which they can also download as a pdf.

The tool is an evidence-based alternative to generic search engines, which do not take into account the individual situation, provide incoherent information a​​nd often make people even more anxious than they already are. The Symptom Checker combines artificial intelligence with over a decade of medical expertise, and is therefore able to provide more accurate and reliable information.

Still want to see a doctor as soon as possible?​

The Symptom Checker helps your employees understand the possible cause of their complaints. However, the tool does not diagnose or replace a medical consultation. If your employee still wants to see a doctor after using the Symptom Checker, they can video call a doctor free of charge immediately, via the Doktr button in the MyAG Employee Benefits app. Indeed, My Care Premium by AG entitles you to two free video consultations per year for every employee and the insured family members. So no messing around trying to arrange a doctor's appointment during working hours and no wasted time in the waiting room either. What your employees do get is solid doctor's advice when it is most convenient for them.

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Reduce lost time and absenteeism

The Symptom Checker and the two included video consultations in My Care Premium by AG facilitate employees with health complaints to quickly get medical information that can reassure them. Anonymised reporting gives your company valuable insights for your HR policy. Specifically for the Symptom Checker, you will get, among other things, insight into the number of times the questionnaire was completed, and for which conditions.

My Care Premium's quality medical tools provide an answer to the current healthcare shortage and meet employees' need to be helped immediately, especially when it comes to health. The Symptom Checker and Doktr are easily accessible via the ​MyA​​G Employee Benefits app​. This way, your employees always have a 'digital doctor' at hand.

The effect for your business? Less wasted time and fewer short absences. The 'digital doctor' also helps to reduce structural presenteeism in your organisation. Finally, it is an asset in the war on talent. Indeed, research shows that more and more employees highly value employers who facilitate access to care.​

Would you like to offer your employees My Care Premium digital care solutions?

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