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Discover My Care Premium

Published on 16/01/2024


My Care Premium by AG, an essential health service for both you and your employees!

​The ongoing health crisis has led to several challenges, including limited access to healthcare. This has significant implications for employers, such as increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, and consequently, escalating costs.

By investing in My Care Premium by AG, in addition to the existing My Care services, you provide your employees with access to digital medical resources. This includes the highly dependable Symptom Checker, available 24/7 and validated by medical professionals. Moreover, it offers immediate access to medical advice from certified Belgian doctors through video consultations on the Doktr app. This initiative not only fosters a healthier and more productive workplace but also underscores your dedication to your employees’ wellbeing.​


Why My Care Premium?

  • Addressing the current healthcare crisis

​​Our healthcare system is currently under pressure. The ageing of the population is causing an increasing demand for care and prevention. At the same time, a severe shortage of healthcare providers, due to the current wave of retirements and the growing desire among medical staff for a better work-life balance, is leading to reduced working hours, a decrease in the number of patients accepted and longer waiting times.

  • ​​75% of Belgian GPs rarely or never accept new patients.
  • The average GP treats 1,200 patients, compared to 2,500 patients by the retiring generation.
  • W​aiting times for physical consultations can extend up to 2 weeks, even for regular p​atients.​

his impacts you directly as an employer. Limited access to prompt and appropriate care can result in extended recovery periods when your employees fall ill, which can affect your organization's productivity. Another concerning outcome is uncontrolled presenteeism, where employees come to work despite being sick. This can harm their health and your long-term profitability. 

  • ​Digital healthcare solutions: a trend for the long haul
The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the medical world, thrusting digital healthcare into the spotlight. Research (French/Dutch​) indicated that in 2020, 15.1% of medical consultations were conducted online, amounting to 11 million teleconsultations in the first covid year. What originally started as a necessary adjustment has now established itself as a mainstay in the health sector. The RIZIV/INAMIrecorded 5.7 million teleconsultations between August 2022 and June 2023.

Both patients and caregivers welcome this new form of care. A survey (French/Dutch) of almost 8000 respondents showed that 77% were (very) satisfied with teleconsultationsDoktr for example, has also achieved an impressive user satisfaction of 93% since its launch. Digital health solutions are therefore a valuable addition to traditional consultations and a cornerstone of future healthcare.

What does My Care Premium offer?

My Care Premium, available 24/7 through the MyAG Employee Benefits app, provides your employees with swift and easy access to the digital medical tools they need, without the need for an appointment, travel or wasted time. Your employees can receive high-quality medical information anytime, anywhere, providing quick reassurance. Whether they have an urgent medical query in the middle of the night or need to consult a doctor while traveling abroad, where language barriers and unfamiliar surroundings can hinder healthcare access.​

In addition to the existing services of My Care by AG​, such as the Doktr app, My Care Premium offers access to:

  • Symptom Checker, partner of AG.
With the 24/7 available Symptom Checker, your employees enter their symptoms, after which they are given a list of possible conditions. Unlike the often random and unreliable results of search engines, the Symptom Checker provides direct, personalized and scientifically grounded information based on ten years of medical experience and artificial intelligence. 

Do your employees still need a medical consultation? No problem. Through Doktr they can easily get in touch with a recognized Belgian doctor via video consultation without an appointment. Two video consultations per insurance year are included. Additional teleconsultations are always available without restrictions at the expense of your employee.

  • Detailed reporting.
​In addition, anonymous and GDPR-compliant reporting gives you valuable insights that can support your HR policy and help you prioritize actions.

What are the be​nefits for you? 

Enhanced productivity
  • Timely care and therefore less time loss and attrition.
  • Reduction of structural presenteeism.
  • Strict guidelines for issuing certificates and prescriptions.

Strategic competitiveness in the labour market 
  • Innovative, user-friendly and valued health solution.
  • Unique value proposition in the remuneration package.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Healthier and happier employees
  • Qualitative advice from accredited Belgian doctors.
  • Saved travel time and costs and no postponement of care due to waiting times.
  • Low threshold for taboo subjects.

My Care Premium always at your fingertips with the MyAG Employee Benefits app

Em​plo​​yees who benefit from AG's
hea​lthcare solution can easily use the My Care and My Care Premium services on the 
MyAG Employee Benefits app.

This app serves not only as a portal to all the guarantees and services of their supplementary pension plan and their guaranteed income with AG, but it also consolidates all the Employee Benefits you provide into one user-friendly tool. This greatly streamlines the management of these benefits, thereby enhancing your employees' satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty.


Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about My Care Premium​. You can also reach out to your regular contact for a free quote.​