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Published on 21/09/2022


How satisfied are you with AG?


​As an employer, you are at the heart of everything we do for you and your employees. But are we actually meeting your needs? To find out, we ran a survey this spring, and we're keen to tell you more about the results.

​Yes, you are satisfied with us!

After 4 years of increase of your satisfaction, we maintain a level similar to last year. And that makes us satisfied too. We also ran a survey to find out how AG's employee benefits compare with our competitors. This helped us discover our strengths and the areas where we make the difference. Of course, we also wanted to find out our weakest points so we can work on them.​

More specifically...

After a year of working hard to take AG's 'phygital' (digital + physical) service to a higher level, we want to know what you think. The conclusions of the two surveys carried out by market research firm Ipsos this spring were more than clear. Want to know more? Here's an overview of the key points.

What you value highly and what makes us stand out:

  • ​​Your AG point of contact
    • Friendly, always willing to listen
    • Solution-orientated and efficient
You especially appreciate the close cooperation and the clear information you receive. This is very important to AG because your relationship of trust with your account manager and smooth communications with our teams is one of our pillars. A solid point which we, as an employee benefits insurer, definitely make a difference on!
The insurance world is constantly changing. We keep a close eye on all legal and fiscal news, ensuring that our experts are continuously trained. So, you can rely on the expertise of a solid partner at all times and focus on what really matters.  
Listen to one of our customers, Anja Van Langenhoven from Puratos, tell us why they are so satisfied with our digital service. (customer testimonial in dutch) 

​​Where we can do ​better

  • Processing time on certain matters
    • ​​​We are working hard to improve on this and achieve a higher score next year.​​
We are ​arranging meetings and workshops with our customers to work out the priorities for improving our processes, for example through the EB Lab sessions about which you'll read more below.Help us be more on the ball.

Would you be interested in sharing your views with us regularly? Then our EB Lab is the place to be. This is where we experiment and test new things – and we want you to be a part of it.

Test out AG's innovations in an EB Lab session!
  • You can be among the first to test out the new features of My Global B​enefits, the AG Health app and EB Online.
  • Tell us what you think of our communications. Are they clear enough?
  • Tell us how you want to be informed.

Our mission is to offer you the right support to manage your insurance and communicate the benefits you offer to your employees through AG. And so, we want to provide you with comprehensive services and communications, along with user-friendly digital tools.

Join the EB Lab community
As a member of the EB Lab community, you can take part in up to six online challenges per year. For each challenge, you'll receive an invitation by email with all the information:
  • The session topic
  • The time you need to complete the challenge
  • What we can take away from the session

You are always free to choose whether to take part in a challenge or not – there's no cost or obligation. However, we do ask you to take part in at least three challenges a year. That way, you are helping us to develop and evaluate innovative employee benefits.


​​We'd like to thank you for your trust and hope that you'll continue to be satisfied with AG in the future. If you have any questions about our services or are interested in helping us try out new services, please don't hesitate to contact your usual AG contact. ​