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Published on 12/11/2019


Satisfaction survey 2019: your opinion matters to AG

In June 2019, we conducted a satisfaction survey to find out how you perceive our services and solutions.


First of all, we want to thank you for participating in this survey. Your opinion is very valuable to us and will be used to fine-tune our services so that we can better meet your needs and expectations.


Satisfaction survey: highlights

Your overall satisfaction

Now that we have taken your feedback on board, it seems that our efforts have paid off, as your general satisfaction level is higher than in previous years.

Your contact people at AG

Your relationship with your contact people at AG is still as important to you as ever. As was the case in previous years, you are very satisfied with your interactions with your account manager and your plan administrator.

Product quality

Many of you gave high scores when rating the quality of our products. We took this as confirmation that our individually-tailored solutions and additional services such as
My Global Benefits meet your needs.

Quick turnaround times

When it comes to processing your requests, we understand that you greatly value a quick response time. We are doing our utmost to improve the speed and efficiency of our services, in particular by optimising and digitising our management processes.


Satisfaction survey: detailed findings


Contact people standing by to assist you

A great many of you highlighted the efforts made by your plan administrator and your account manager as a strength. You particularly appreciate the effective cooperation with the teams and the clear information you receive. A significant finding for AG Insurance, as these staff members are the backbone of our service offer.


Products that meet your specific needs

90% of our survey respondents claimed to be satisfied with AG's products and solutions. And this percentage has been increasing steadily over the past few years. Read on to find out more about why you are so pleased with the solutions we offer in retirement, healthcare and income protection:

  • Pension

In terms of saving for retirement, with our wide range of products, you can be sure to find a solution that will fit your specific needs. You can opt for our Branch 21 solutions with a guaranteed return plus potential annual profit sharing​ or, if you are willing to take on more risk in exchange for the prospect of a greater return, you can choose our Branch 23 products. Combining the two types of products is also possible.

  • Healthcare

In the healthcare arena, AG Insurance, like other insurers, is required to comply with the Verwilghen Act. Under the provisions of this Act, the insurer must offer individual hospitalisation coverage to departing staff members at terms that are similar to the company's group hospital plan. AG Insurance even takes things one step further as it’s the only company that actively offers a "waiting policy". When leaving the company, staff members with an AG Care Vision plan bypass the sting of higher premiums when switching to individual continuation coverage, as their age gets locked in at the time they take out the contract.

  • Income care

We also take a proactive approach when it comes to addressing mental health issues. Our Income Care product includes return-to-work assistance, targeted guidance and support that will get your staff members fit for active duty again after extended time off for a stress-related condition (such as burnout).


Turnaround times: an important point

You are sensitive to the services we provide, and especially the time it takes for us to get the job done and deliver the output. Meeting the deadlines we set is also very important for 
AG Insurance.

The survey findings also revealed the changing nature of employer and staff member expectations. While we do our utmost to cater to your needs, we are also aware of the challenges ahead of us. This explains why we constantly strive to find solutions that will improve the speed and efficiency of our claims handling operations.