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Health Day 2020 key takeaways

Published on 14/10/2020


Health Day 2020: post-event highlights


Health Day 2020 is now behind us! More than 320 enthusiastic HR specialists and professionals participated in our first online-only event. With a focus on employee wellbeing (program only available in French or in Dutch), this webinar in the midst of the coronavirus crisis was more relevant than ever. And that, of course, led to some particularly noteworthy insights. In as little as three minutes, you can read the key takeaways below. Or request the complete presentations and other interesting information at the bottom of the article. ​

The objective of Health Day 2020 was to give you a 360-degree view of employee wellbeing in your organisation. With a focus on comprehensive preventive measures that will keep your employees happy and healthy, as well as the right treatment if things should go off track. And it's no coincidence that these are the specialty areas of AG Health Partner (focus on prevention) and AG Employee Benefits (focus on return-to-work assistance and guidance with its Return To Work solution), the organisers of Health Day. 

Soak up the atmosphere and take a look behind the scenes. And write down the following key takeaways.

Research: the cost of absenteeism
Cédric Velghe & Dr Frederik Anseel

  • The fight against absenteeism is a long-term process requiring both preventive and curative measures.
  • In this first category, initiatives that promote more exercise and better eating habits are important, in addition to programmes for mental (psychological counselling) and physical (flu shots) wellbeing. 
  • On a curative level, return-to-work assistance programmes are truly worth considering: they can reduce annual absenteeism per employee by roughly 36 days! 

How do you develop a cost-effective wellbeing policy? 
Dr Nele Jacobs & Eva Deschans (NL) / Audrey Boussart & Lyn Sahtoute (FR)

  • Wellbeing is a catch-all term, so a holistic view is a must.
  • Companies have been investing more in employee wellbeing, but that does not necessarily guarantee the right approach.
  • ​Wellbeing budgets still tend to be quite fragmented. An overarching allocation of resources would have more effect. 

Is there a mental health pandemic on the horizon?
Panel discussion with Dr Elke Geraerts, Diederik Joukes, Els Van Beveren, Björn Prins (NL) / Virginie Dua, Chantal van der Brempt, Gaétane Gilliot, Yannick Lierman (FR) and moderator Cédric Velghe

  • Both a wellbeing policy at the company level and an individual approach are needed to boost happiness and good mental health. 
  • As a manager, you have the power to set a good example with clear and collaborative communication.
  • Everyone can take matters into their own hands to be happier in life and more deliberate about their choices.

A productive return to work after occupational incapacity leave? It's no fantasy! 
Dr Elke Van Hoof & Dr Pia Cox

  • Psychological distress and stress-related conditions are a major cause of the rise in long-term sick leave cases.
  • There is a need for assistance programmes like Return To Work that pick up where the statutory requirements leave off.
  • These assistance programmes have been very successful.

Back to work after burnout? Take a multidisciplinary approach.
Dr Luc Wachtelaer & Dr Pia Cox

  • The chance that a returning employee will relapse is much smaller in a caring organisation with a holistic approach.
  • In return-to-work assistance programmes, recovery is obviously important, but so is relapse prevention. 
  • A multidisciplinary approach that includes physical fitness will help accelerate the recovery process in a staff member with symptoms of burnout syndrome. 

What did our participants think?
If you were unable to attend, you definitely missed out. Because this is what our Health Day 2020 participants had to say about the experience:

  • "Well structured and with the science to back it up. Fantastic!"
  • "Thanks for this webinar. Very interesting topics. The morning was over in a flash.
  • "Fun and original physical fitness sessions during the breaks. They gave me a boost of energy!"
  • "A free workshop with very interesting and relevant content and presented flawlessly!"
  • "The active breaks were great! I’d like to apply this at our company in the future."

Missed Health Day and you want to view the sessions in their entirety?
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