Published on 10/10/2017


AG Employee Benefits launches two new funds in branch 23


AG Employee Benefits has expanded its line of Branch 23 funds with EB Dynamic Portfolio and EB Neutral Portfolio. These two tactical funds provide an ideal complement to our vast offering of funds.

Tactical funds

EB Dynamic Portfolio and EB Neutral Portfolio are two tactical funds. In other words, allocation between the different asset classes can change taking into account the upper and lower limits for each class (= leeways). The system enables a certain amount of responsiveness to changes in the economic situation in the markets. This flexibility provides a significant benefit.

The following asset classes can be invested in:




Real estate


Investing in tactical funds

The structure of these funds enables an optimal response to changes in the markets. For long-term investments – which is generally the case for AG Employee Benefits – the funds provide an option complementing our fixed allocation line of funds(Rainbow Blue, Rainbow Indigo, Rainbow Green, Rainbow Orange et Rainbow Red).

In the shorter term and/or under certain market conditions, (such as a rising or falling market for a given asset class), these funds can also generate additional returns by increasing or reducing exposure to this asset class.

What is the difference between the two funds?

The difference between the EB Dynamic Portfolio and EB Neutral Portfolio funds consists in their exposure to certain asset classes: EB Dynamic Portfolio implements a more risky investment approach through greater exposure to equities.

Strategic and geographical allocation of assets

The strategic allocation of the two funds is as follows:  


There are no geographical restrictions: the two funds invest worldwide.


How are the two funds managed?

AG Employee Benefits favours a diversified approach:

Different investment styles: the differences enable alternating between asset classes, sectors, etc. depending on market circumstances.

Different fund managers: only the best managers are selected, in a completely independent manner. Managers whose performance is not up to par can be replaced.

This diversification ensures better risk allocation. In addition, returns are not dependent on a single source or a single asset class.

The result? Consistent returns and lower volatility.​  ​


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