Healthcare: new feature - AG Employee Benefits
A family gives the new handy healthcare feature on My Global Benefits a try.

Published on 14/09/2021


Healthcare: find out more about the new handy feature for your staff members


​Now your staff members can enjoy a new healthcare feature on My Global Benefits. From now on, they can send in medical expenses for all family members via My Global Benefits. 

Send in medical expenses for the whole family

Your staff members can now send in medical expenses for all family members in just a few clicks. There's just one prerequisite: the My Healthcare Card (physical or digital) for the family member in question needs to be activated first. (Please note: your employees must have a My Healthcare Card to be able to use this new feature). 

How do you activate a My Healthcare Card? 
  • Family members aged 18 or over will have to activate their card on My Global Benefits themselves. 
  • For family members under the age of 18, their card will need to be activated on My Global Benefits by their guardian or proxy. 

Who can your staff members send in medical expenses for? 
  • Their spouse or registered domestic partner
  • Their children over the age of 18
  • Their children under the age of 18, even if the staff member is not the guardian or proxy

How do I know if the My Healthcare Card has been activated?
If a card has not yet been activated, an icon with an exclamation mark will be displayed next to the person's name and the user will receive an error message.​