positively surprised by the advantages of an occupational incapacity insurance

Published on 26/09/2019


What do you need to know about Income protection insurance?


‚ÄčIncome protection insurance or occupational incapacity insurance is not as well known as other fringe benefits such as group insurance or Hospitalisation insurance. Is that for good reason? Or is it simply that unknown means unloved?


Income protection insurance: unknown, unloved?

Only 18% of employees in Belgium currently have an Income protection insurance via their employer. This is low, especially considering the high value that insurance of this kind can provide for all your employees. This low percentage is also of major benefit to you as an employer. If you want to stand out in the war for talent and attract the best applicants, an Income protection insurance policy might just be the thing that tempts your ideal candidate to apply to your company.


Disability insurance explained in one-and-a-half minutes

A recent study by Vlerick Business School shows that Income protection insurance is an essential asset of any remuneration package. Even so, it is sometimes seen as a complex insurance policy. As the following video shows, this reputation is entirely unearned. In just one-and-a-half minutes, you'll discover all the key ins and outs of this type of insurance.



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Added value

Are you after watching this video convinced of the added value this would provide your company? If so, Income Care is the Income protection insurance you need. Discover all the details on our website or request more information via the contact button below. Our sales managers will be pleased to provide you with the advice you're looking for.


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