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Published on 28/02/2019


Time to join the “Stop Colon Cancer” movement

March is traditionally awareness month for colon cancer.
An opportunity that AG Insurance jumped on to relaunch last year’s offer Lunch & Learn to its customers.

Over the last few months, AG Insurance and the non-profit association “Stop Colon Cancer” have teamed up to fight colorectal cancer and set up effective prevention campaigns. The risk for developing this affliction in Belgium is about one in 20. The good news is that it is curable in over 90% of cases if caught early.

Employers in the driver’s seat

You, as an employer, have the opportunity to play a significant role… and it is to encourage your staff members to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes getting screened for this disease. In doing so, you will be taking a proactive stance towards your employees. You will also be securing your reputation as a company that not only offers its staff an attractive remuneration package but also cares about their health and well-being. Now more than ever, employees show a marked preference for companies that demonstrate their care and concern for their staff.

Lunch & Learn action also possible in your company

The Lunch & Learn concept is simple: it’s all about sharing information in order to save lives. Not to mention that it’s very easy to organise in your own offices. All you need is a meeting room and a beamer. You invite your staff members for a quick bite at lunchtime followed by a presentation by Dr Luc Colemont. Communication collateral will also be provided beforehand to raise staff member awareness.

AG Insurance walks the talk

As part of a recent customer satisfaction survey, AG Insurance contributed a certain sum to Dr Colemont’s association for each respondent:


"With this additional financial boost, we can provide libraries in our country with a copy of our graphic novel "Dirk – Life is a Worthwhile Fight". It will be released in March and is extremely well done! This way, we will be able to communicate our "Get screened!" message to an even broader audience. Thanks to all who participated in the survey!"

Would you like to know more about Lunch & Learn and the different tools we offer you to organize this action in your company? 

Know more about Lunch & Learn and communication toolkits

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