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Pension plan: a few striking figures by Assuralia

Pensions: are you also looking for stability?


​No less than two out of three employers are open to the idea of expanding or setting up a retirement plan for their staff members... or at least aren't ruling it out. Some striking findings from a recent survey conducted by professional association Assuralia.

What drives an employer to set up a pension plan?

Most employers are genuinely concerned about their staff members' retirement nest egg. No less than 75% are convinced that a supplementary pension is critical to having more financial freedom in retirement. The survey also shows that over 70% of companies with a pension plan for white-collar workers, managerial staff and senior executives set aside contributions above 3% of the salary. According to nearly six out of 10 employers, a decent retirement income should be at least 70% of the last salary. Relying on state pension benefits only is clearly not a good plan. In addition, the vast majority of employers prefer to let their staff choose whether to collect their benefits as a single lump sum or an annuity.

It also seems that attracting new talent and rewarding loyal employees is a key motivator for employers in Belgium that have set up a pension plan in the last 10 years. They see it as a competitive advantage in their remuneration policy, an added sweetener when it comes to recruiting and retaining staff.

And, of course, the tax benefits are also a powerful motivator for employers to set up a supplementary pension plan. It's clearly a win-win situation​, as both employers and their staff members come out ahead. A pension plan is much better financial deal than a straight salary increase.

So what's holding them back?

The Assuralia survey clearly shows that employers currently have little confidence in the government's pension policy, with 78% indicating that a stable legislative framework is a prerequisite for them. They also want to see more stability from a tax perspective.

In addition, there is a need for more public awareness and education. One out of six employers that don't offer a pension plan have never even considered the option. Others simply find it too complex, or manage small companies that have decision-making centres outside Belgium. 

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But there are other stumbling blocks, such as the single status for blue-collar and white-collar workers. This has caused 55% of employers to adopt a wait-and-see attitude as they know that their sector has to take the lead on harmonisation. Th​e required guaranteed minimum return on contributions is also a barrier for 50% of employers.​

How about a supplementary pension for your staff members?

Have you made the wise decision to set up a pension plan for your staff members this year? Or does your company already have a modest pension plan and you're thinking of expanding it, with contributions above 3% of your staff members' salary? 

Interested in finding out more about the Assuralia survey? You'll find all the key figures here (French and Dutch​).