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Offers from AG eyecare partners.

Published on 20/02/2024


A clear view of the offers from our eyecare partners


People start wearing glasses at an increasingly earlier age. If you think how many frames, glasses and lenses this means over a lifetime, your staff will certainly welcome help with covering these expenses through AG's outpatient care cover. Besides, fantastic discounts at LensOnline®, Pearle - and now Glazoo too - are available in our MyAG Employee Benefits app. These are just some of the many benefits and services in the app. Find out what our our eyecare partners offer.

​​​A lifetime of glasses

More than half the population wears glasses. Short-sightedness in children and teenagers is on the rise due to screen use and a lack of outdoor activity. Later in life, once they hit their 40s, there's a good chance they will have to use reading glasses or multifocal lenses. Using glasses for life has now become more the norm than the exception.

Medical aids take up a large proportion of a person's out-of-pocket expenses​

Over a lifetime, the costs for optical aids can build up. However, most people who wear glasses and contact lenses only get a limited contribution from so​​​cial security. Out of the total outgoings on health, people in Belgium pay 19% themselves (2021). That share is higher than average for dental care and medical aids such as glasses and contact lenses (OECD Health Data 2023). To give you an idea, glasses and contact lenses account for a quarter of all the outpatient costs reimbursed by AG.

​Appealing offers from AG partners​

If you have AG outpatient care cover as part of your remuneration package, your staff will benefit from a welcome reimbursement for their glasses, frames and contact lenses. You can reduce the price tag for clear vision even more with appealing offers from our healthcare partners: 

​Scratched lenses or a new prescription? Glazoo offer a simple and lasting solution for glasses wearers who need new lenses but are not yet ready to say goodbye to their favourite f​rames. This is also good fo​r the environment. Plus, thanks to AG, they ge​​t an exclusive 10% discount on all new glasses lenses.
​LensOnline® is the largest provider of contact lenses in Benelux. Your staff can order their contact lenses online or visit any of a large network of affiliated optician partners for their eye tests and professional advice. With the AG discount code, they get a 10% discount on their favourite lenses. They also regularly share handy tips for glasses and contact lens wearers.​​


Pearle Opticiens is the Belgian market leader with the best eye care for everyone. Qualified professional opticians expertly test and measure eyesight and offer sound advice. Through AG, your staff get an up to​ 30% discount on glasses and a 10% discount ​on contact lenses. All details and terms are available in the shop.​​

Keep an eye on our increasing range of offers

Offers from AG's healthcare partners are steadily growing. They are included in the Hospitalisation and Outpatient care insurances that you offer to your employees. All discounts can be seen clearly in the MyAG Employee Benefits app​. They can be redeemed by giving the discount code at our partners' shops or online stores, or by scanning the My Healthcare Card.​​ Give your team regular reminders to take full advantage of them. 

An overview of all the benefits can be found via the button below.

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Are you insured with AG yourself? Then you can, of course, also activate your benefits in the MyAG Employee Benefits app. Click on 'My services' and then proceed to 'My benefits'.​