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The hospital plan will also cover this family while travelling abroad.

Published on 24/06/2021


Your hospitalisation insurance abroad


With the vaccine rollout underway, life is gradually going back to normal, and more and more Belgians are looking to head off on holiday to catch some summer sun. If you have a staff member travelling outside Belgium on business or with family, can s/he claim coverage through his/her hospitalisation insurance? Find out more about AG's extensive coverage here.


When faced with a hospital stay in a foreign country, the language barrier and cultural differences can add layers of complexity to an already challenging situation. All the more reason for your staff (and any family members) to be aware from the get-go that they’re well protected.

Hospital plan with worldwide coverage

An AG hospital plan provides worldwide coverage for unplanned emergency hospital admissions and even – subject to prior approval from the Sickness Fund – for scheduled inpatient stays as well.

all medical expenses (doctors’ fees, room and board, medication), even in a single-occupancy room

If you also opted for assistance abroad:

  • emergency transportation to the hospital
  • urgent medical assistance
  • repatriation to Belgium, if necessary
  • search and rescue efforts (for example, after an accident or a natural disaster, capped at a maximum of EUR 5,000)
  • room and board for a family member to come visit the patient during his/her inpatient stay in a foreign country
  • etc.​

Third-party payer system: no need to pay a cent out of pocket

Most of the insured parties are entitled to third-party payer arrangements, even while travelling abroad.

In other words, your staff members will never have to pay a cent out of pocket at any time during their stay in a foreign hospital. All bills will immediately be sent to AG and settled with the hospital directly.

In addition, an AG hospital plan also covers the cost of medical treatment in Belgium directly related to the inpatient stay abroad for up to three months post-discharge.

What steps should be taken once admitted to the hospital? 

All hospital admissions in a foreign country must be reported to AG and the Sickness Fund as soon as possible. This can be done by the patients themselves, but also by one of their family members or by their employer.

Contact Touring, the AG assistance services provider as soon as practicable
​         Call +32 (0)2 664 01 70 (24/7 hotline)
Notify the Sickness Fund

From this point on, the AG hospital plan will take care of everything, from handling the administrative details to issuing a refund for expenses incurred. Your staff members will find all the information they need on My Global Benefits or

Your staff members should also keep in mind that when travelling to certain countries (Cuba and the Russian Federation, for example), it’s best to contact us in advance to request a Certificate of Insurance. More information about this document is available on our Hospitalisation website

Want to find out more about the applicable covers if admitted to a hospital in a foreign country? Download the flyer.

What about coronavirus? What exactly does your staff member's hospital plan cover?

If your staff member is infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) while travelling abroad, can s/he claim coverage through his/her hospitalisation insurance? 

Local medical treatment will be covered if your staff member is hospitalised during a stay abroad. AG will also cover the evacuation or repatriation of your staff member if required for medical reasons.

If your staff member is travelling to a green, orange or red zone, can s/he still claim coverage through his/her hospitalisation insurance? 

If your staff member is travelling to a green, orange or red zone, s/he can claim coverage through his/her hospitalisation insurance for an illness, accident or repatriation, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions. However, s/he must comply with all public health orders and restrictions applicable in the host country.

For answers to your questions, check our FAQs on coronavirus and your retirement/death benefit, hospitalisation and income protection covers.​

Have questions about coverage abroad? Want to top up your current hospital plan by adding Assistance abroad? Contact us via the green button.

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