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AG supports Stop Colon Cancer

Published on 21/03/2022


AG supports Stop Colon Cancer

From 7-11 March, the focus at AG was all about beating colon cancer. Blue was the main colour in our buildings, on our internal websites and on our social media. A wide range of initiatives took place on Thursday 10 March.

Every year, March is International Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. A full 31 days to help kick colon cancer to the curb. As a partner of the non-profit association Stop Colon Cancer (Stop Darmkanker/Stop Cancer Côlon), AG has actively joined the fight along with many other companies.


On Thursday 10 March, AG was awash in blue: almost all of our staff members who came into the office that day added blue accents to their outfits. Many of our colleagues working from home also wore blue. Not only as a sign of support, but more importantly to show that we need to bring this disease out of the shadows. A touching and highly visible gesture.

In addition, 140 rubber duckies were available for sale as a fundraiser and roughly 100 colleagues participated in the webinar "Don't Give Colon Cancer a Chance". Dr Luc Colemont took time out to answer their questions and especially to highlight the importance of prevention.

​​​Support Stop Colon Cancer with gadgets

Your staff members will surely find fun doodads and collectibles in the Stop Colon Cancer webshop. A small gesture, but with a big impact. In addition, AG will cover the shipping costs. Because little things can make a world of difference.

Prevention is the watchword

Prevention, prevention and more prevention... we can't say it often enough. Early detection works like a charm: for the 1 out of 20 Belgians who get diagnosed with colon cancer, the cure rate can be as high as 90% if the disease is caught early. That's why we at AG have been distributing self-tests to our staff members for some time. And we're not only thinking of them: AG reimburses preventive colon screening (colonoscopy) in all of its hospitalisation insurance policies as long as the insured opts for a double or multi-bed room.  

To be included as part of your wellbeing policy

As an employer, you can play a big role in the Stop Colon Cancer campaign. Encourage your staff members to make healthier lifestyle choices and above all to get screened. We are happy to provide you with ready-made materials such as a Lunch & Learn session, a communication toolkit and even a fun quiz!  ​