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Published on 10/10/2019


New pension plan regulations? Send us the full details for submission to DB2P

​Have you set up a new pension plan with AG Insurance? Harmonised benefits for your blue-collar and white-collar employees? Opted for a bonus plan? Taken over another employer’s existing plan?

Did you answer yes to at least one of those questions? Then certain types of information must be provided to update your details and report your new pension plan data to DB2P.

DB2P is Belgium’s centralised supplementary pension database. SigeDis compiles all second pillar data in DB2P, and pension institutions such as AG Insurance report your supplementary pension details to SigeDis. With DB2P, your staff members also get a clear and complete overview of their supplementary pension benefits via Mypension.be.


Why is it so important to report the data to DB2P?

As a pension institution, AG Insurance is required to declare all new plans as well as any modifications to existing plans to DB2P. To do so, we need your help in submitting the information to DB2P by the cutoff date.

Note that for all new pension plans with an inception date on 1 January at the latest, we are required to report participants’ entitlements by the end of August. If we do not receive this information by the deadline, we will be unable to declare your plan, which means that your premiums will no longer be tax deductible.

In addition, if the information is incomplete, SigeDis will not be able to post it online and your staff members will miss out on being able to view it on Mypension.be. Note that as an employer, you are required to provide the most recent information so that your staff members can check the latest value of their projected benefits on Mypension.be.


How do you report this information to us?

When you first set up your new pension plan, you received documents to complete and sign. Please scan the signed documents and send them to salessupport.employeebenefits@aginsurance.be so that we can communicate your new pension plan regulations to DB2P​.


Which documents do you need to submit?

To provide the full details for DB2P, you need to send in the following documents:

  • your pension plan regulations
  • the specific DB2P form


Tip: If you have already signed and returned one or both of these documents to AG Insurance, there is no need for you to send them in again. Just keep in mind that we need to have all of the signed, completed documents on record. Make sure that you have submitted all the details. If the information is incomplete, we will be unable to manage the new plan.


Let’s combine our efforts and make sure DB2P gets your information as soon as possible!


Have questions or need additional information?

Feel free to get in touch with your AG Insurance contact person.


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