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Published on 11/05/2017


JC n° 200 and the EUR 250 annual bonus

With the signing of the Collective Labour Agreement on 9 July 2015, employers may now choose between granting their staff a recurrent gross annual bonus of EUR 250 or the equivalent in fringe benefits (eco-cheques, luncheon vouchers, hospitalization insurance, etc.), plus the applicable employer contributions.

Converting this bonus into equivalent benefits is a clever move as it maximizes value for staff members at absolutely zero cost to you.

In practical terms, it’s an easy way for you to provide your staff with a healthcare plan complete with several extended covers.

This means you can maximize the return for your employees by for example offering them additional healthcare coverages.

Ambucare Flexible, for example, covers outpatient expenses, unrelated to a hospitalization such as:

doctor visits, house calls, technical services and minor surgery

paramedical treatments (nursing, kinetic therapy and physiotherapy)

examinations (radiology, medical imaging and laboratory analyses)

Ambucare Flexible further covers pharmaceutical products:

medications and bandages supplied by a pharmacy

spectacle frames and glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids

bandages and braces

prosthetics and orthopaedic appliances

The same applies to dental care:

dental treatments (dentist, preventive treatments, radiography, etc.)

dental prosthesis (bridges, crowns and implants)

orthodontic treatments and appliances

Model calculation

For a premium of €340 (1) per year (€252.83 + the employer's contributions), you as an employer can take out healthcare and/or outpatient insurance (Ambucare Flexible) or dental care insurance.

This will cover – without an insurance excess - reimbursement of 100% up to a ceiling of €1250 or €2500.
This greatly eases the w age cost of the employee.

These tables clearly show the added value of such a fringe benefit:

Ambucare Flexible
Cost for the employer                                  € 340,00
Net purchasing power for the worker*            € 1.250
* Ambucare Flexible without deductible and with 100% reimbursement – ceiling EUR 1,250

Salary increase
Cost for the employer                                €252,83
Net purchasing power for the worker           €102,21

It is also possible to customize a plan.

For more information, you should contact your regular contact person

(1) This amount is calculated based on the obligation to award an equivalent benefit.