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Burnout alarm bells ringing for 2 out of 5 employees in Belgium

Published on 27/05/2024


Burnout alarm bells ringing for 2 out of 5 employees in Belgium


An analysis of 2,000 employees in Belgium confirms the alarming trend emerging on our labour market. 40% of employees in Belgium are in the orange (risk) and red (very high risk) burnout zones. 

AG Health Partner – which has re-emerged this month under the new name Waldon  – tracks and monitors burnout risk in Belgium with its Burnout Assessment Tool. The evidence-based questionnaire focuses on 4 key dimensions with four scales each (energy, engagement, emotional regulation, concentration and decision-making). 

Mental fatigue at an all-time high 

​An analysis of 2,000 cases from the past year reveals some alarming trends. Mental fatigue is so high in a large proportion of employees that as many as 2 out of 5 (40%) are at real risk of burnout. For 21.3%, this risk is even "very high".

The key figures and findings are as follows

  • ​​2 op 5 employees in Belgium are in the orange zone (risk of burnout - 19.65%) and red zone (very high risk of burnout - 21.3%). 
  • 70% of employees in Belgium occasionally find it difficult to recover after a work day, with 7% even experiencing this struggle every day.  
  • 79% reported that they occasionally experience mental fatigue at work. For 31%, this happens very often or every day. As a result, a similar percentage lack sufficient energy in the morning to start the work day. 
  • 57% experience problems concentrating at work.

Innovative wellbeing solutions 

​The findings from this analysis are hair-raising, especially when we know that nearly half a million employees have been off sick for more than one year, including a third of them for a mental disorder such as burnout or depression (source: INAMI/RIZIV). 

This phenomenon highlights the importance for every company to have a solid, evidence-based prevention strategy. By being a caring employer with a comprehensive wellbeing policy, you can reduce the number of long-term sick leave cases at your company and improve your productivity. Because happy employees are more resilient and productive. 

Over the past year, AG has expanded its range of innovative wellbeing solutions for employers and their employees as part of its process of continuous improvement. Our focus is primarily on mental well-being. For example, with the handy MyAG Employee Benefits app, we now offer your employees two innovative health solutions with programmes to increase their resilience plus easy access to high-quality telehealth services.

Want to reduce the cost of absenteeism? Looking for a 360° wellbeing approach​ tailored to your company culture and needs? You've come to the right place. Together, we can turn the tide. 

Waldon, the new name for AG Health Partner 

​AG Health Partner was created in 2019 as an offshoot of AG Insurance. This came out of a growing need for companies to have a preventive wellbeing policy, and in a context of increasingly high numbers of mental disorders. AG Health Partner's mission is to support organisations in setting up and rolling out their wellbeing programmes, with an emphasis on mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience. The word "health" in the name was somewhat of a misnomer and cause for confusion. And so it was time for a new name: Waldon.

The new name honours the pioneering work of Geoffrey Waldon, a renowned British neurologist. Through his observations of children, Dr Waldon came to realise that learning and development are stimulated by structuring the physical environment. 
The essence of the approach of Geoffrey Waldon closely aligns with our ambitions for workplace wellbeing. Waldon's aim is to raise awareness about the impact of the work environment on wellbeing. What are Waldon's values? The human touch, impact and a positive outlook.

Interested in our wellbeing solutions? 

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