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Return To Work, for a quick and sustainable return to work!

Published on 20/02/2024


A sustainable reintegration to work with the Return To Work programme


In Belgium, half a million workers are on long-term disability leave, with a third of these cases due to psychological disorders. This escalating trend is also noticeable among AG's customers. As an employer, it is crucial to consider this data. Not only for the well-being of your employees, but also for your company's health. Long-term absenteeism has substantial economic consequences, impacting productivity, operational costs, and profitability.

Return To Work, reintegration programme by AG

Over the past seven years, AG has set up more than 8000 informal reintegration programmes, demonstrating their effectiveness. In fact, 70% of the workers who participated in these courses managed to return to work within six months. Among these workers, 90% did not experience a relapse. Another positive outcome is that 80% of them have returned to their original employer.

​94% of beneficiaries believe that​​ they have been able to return to work more quickly thanks to the reintegration programme.

The Return To Work programme is part of AG's 360° approach to addressing absenteeism. It is included in our Income Care cover, offers tailored support, allowing your employees to return to work up to three times faster.

To accomplish this, AG collaborates with four independent professional partners, each applying a rigorous and proven scientific approach. As an employer, you can choose which partner you want to work with. Each of them works with a multidisciplinary team that may include psychologists, professional coaches, and coaches specializing in physical rehabilitation, but also sophrologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and many more. As a result, participants in the programme benefit from a comprehensive approach and a broad spectrum of expertise, ensuring highly effective overall care.​

​​"I truly appreciated the blend of therapy, fitness, relaxation, professional guidance, and doctor visits. I am grateful for this rewarding journey."​

How does the programme operate?

The programme is proactively offered to your employees when you/they declare long-term incapacity for work ​due to a stress-related psychological condition. Participation in the programme is completely voluntary.

Overall Return To Work Programme Recommendation Score: 9/10

The programme consists of three phases and always begins with an exploratory interview between your employee and the external experts whose objective is to determine what the employee needs:

  1. ​The recovery phase, which allows the employee to stabilize their situation and recharge their batteries.
  2. The ​reactivation phase, during which an action plan focuses on the employee's strengths and weaknesses.
  3. The reintegration phase, which facilitates a gradual return to work under the most favourable conditions.

​Multiple benefits

For you:
Improving and supporting your employees' well-being.

Reduced costs associated with long-term absenteeism, such as temporary replacement costs or a drop in productivity.

Enhancement of your company's image and strategic advantage for the recruitment and retention of your employees. 

For your employees:

Professional and personalized coaching for a faster and more sustainable recovery.

Confidential and voluntary participation, fostering a climate of trust.

Free and priority access to high-quality multidisciplinary support.

"​After this programme, I was finally able to go back to work! I resumed work at 100%, but in an upgraded 2.0 version."​

360° approach, an additional asset to make the difference

Our 360° approach offers a comprehensive solution that goes far beyond traditional add-on coverage. The Return To Work programme not only provides your employees with comprehensive care coaching, but also provides you with valuable support.

With its dedicated dashboard, available to companies with a large enough number of employees to ensure participant anonymity, you can closely track absence statistics and map the personal and professional well-being of your employees. This helps you identify areas in need of improvement and set performance goals, helping to mitigate and manage absenteeism more effectively.​


Are you interested in learning more about our R​eturn To Work programme​ and assisting your employees in making a swift and sustainable return to work? Feel free to contact us using the button below.