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Colon cancer

"Stop Colon Cancer" : a way to boost your employer brand image

If the game plan for employers today is to offer a competitive salary package, the future is all about demonstrating care and concern for employee health and well-being in a move to foster greater engagement and retention.
Since 12 March, AG Insurance has teamed up with the non-profit association "Stop Colon Cancer". The mission? To use the AG network as a platform to raise awareness about this association dedicated to promoting prevention. Especially as a colorectal cancer diagnosis is far from a death sentence these days. While adopting a healthy lifestyle certainly goes a long way in warding off the disease, the smartest step is preventive screening to detect colon cancer in its early stages. Over 90% of cases are curable if caught early!

AG Insurance’s HR department has decided to incorporate this message in its workplace well-being policy.

What initiatives has AG Insurance taken so far as part of its partnership with "Stop Colon Cancer"?

Astrid Conem (HR Branding & Communication Manager):
"Information saves lives". This is the catchphrase we’ve applied in the form of Lunch & Learn brown bag sessions. Interested staff members are welcome to join us for a quick bite followed by a presentation by Dr. Luc Colemont, founder of this non-profit association "Stop Colon Cancer". For us, it’s basically been a turnkey operation, as the non-profit association "Stop Colon Cancer" only needs a meeting room and a beamer to get started. Luc Colemont has a proven track record as a public speaker, with a flexible form of delivery. He is fluent in English, French and Dutch. I believe he speaks Italian as well…

What prompted AG Insurance to join the fight against colorectal cancer? 

 Jan Heyvaert (HR Director):
After teaming up with "Stop Colon Cancer", it seemed only natural that our staff members should also benefit from their awareness-raising efforts.
Our objective is to ensure that everyone gets to live life to the fullest. And an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Together we have the power to rewrite history and put an end to colon cancer.
After our Lunch & Learn sessions, the news quickly made the rounds. The feedback we got from the 400 staff members that attended was resoundingly positive.
Opportunity for corporate clients to set up this initiative in-house
 Koen Cole (General Manager Sales – AG Employee Benefits/Healthcare)
 ​​Our strategy as an insurance company has been to think outside the box and offer a wider range of services than just pure insurance. From now on, we’re opening up our Lunch & Learn concept for our corporate clients to reproduce at their company. A turnkey HR solution if I do say so myself… We’ve even kicked things up a notch and modified our hospitalisation insurance policies for all of our customers. For example, we now cover the costs of preventive colonoscopy procedures for early detection of colorectal cancer.
Need some more convincing? 

Several AG Insurance corporate clients – representing no less than 9,000 staff members – have already signed up to run the Lunch & Learn programme in their offices in September!
Levi Strauss Belgium was the first
AG Insurance customer to take the plunge. Conny Verelst, Director of Compensation & Benefits, briefly summarizes why: "A smart, innovative initiative in terms of protecting the health of our staff. We can’t wait to see how the results pan out at our company”.