Employers and their staff members highlight the benefits of group insurance plans.

Published on 29/01/2020


The benefits of group insurance: why employers and their staff members are such fans

In 2019, group insurance in Belgium celebrated its 100th anniversary. Right from the beginning, AG has always positioned itself as a pioneer in this sector, as you may recall from this article. But what makes employers still want to provide their staff members with a group insurance plan 100 years later? Why is group insurance such a no-brainer these days when it comes to putting together a balanced fringe benefits package? ​​

​What are the benefits for employers?​

“I think it’s inconceivable these days to hire someone without including a group insurance plan in their salary package”​

This quote from
Henk Debrock (Bekaert) already speaks volumes. And there are so many other benefits. Together with Stefaan Boom (BNP Paribas Fortis), he explains why it’s a wise move for you, as an employer, to offer a group insurance plan even in 2020.​​

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What makes group insurance so interesting for your staff members?

Group insurance really is a win-win proposition. Because these types of plans also come with a range of additional benefits for your staff members that go beyond simply saving towards a comfortable supplementary pension. 

We asked Eliane Van den Stock and Denis Scheers, two retired former long-term AG employees, what they see as the major benefits for staff members.​​​​​

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Group insurance comes in a variety of shapes and sizes

With group insurance, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Interested in a Branch 21 solution with a guaranteed return? Or are you prepared to take on more risk with a Branch 23 solution in exchange for the prospect of earning a higher return? No matter what your employer profile and risk appetite, there is the right group insurance plan to meet your specific needs.

Looking for the ideal group insurance plan?

Wondering which group insurance plan would be the best fit for your company? Feel free to contact one of our sales managers for a no-obligation consultation. They will be happy to assist you with bespoke advice.