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Published on 19/03/2019


Are Volatile Stock Markets Eating into your Supplementary Pension?

​After a positive and unusually calm 2017, 2018 ushered in quite a bit of market turbulence. 2019 seems to be heading in the same direction. But what does this mean for your staff members and their supplementary pension nest egg?

This was precisely the burning question answered by Jean-Michel Kupper, Director of AG Employee Benefits & Health Care, in business daily "De Tijd" and “L’Echo”. We recommend reading the article in full (see links at bottom of this page). In the meantime, the highlights are provided below.


AG Insurance continues to invest in Branch 21

Branch 21 group insurance with a guaranteed return continues to be by far the most popular way to save towards a supplementary pension in Belgium. In times of higher market volatility, we continue to back Branch 21 in response to employer demand for a safe haven investment.


No more sleepless nights

AG Insurance is the only market player to announce the total return – including profit sharing – earned on Branch 21 for the next two years. This way, you’ll have the security of knowing upfront what your ROI will be for the coming years, regardless of the economic climate. There’s no greater peace of mind than that.


Branch 21 or Branch 23: the choice is yours

Whether you want the security of Branch 21, are looking to be positively surprised by the attractive average 10-year return on our Branch 23 offer, or would rather combine the benefits of both, you can be sure you’ve come to right place with us.


Interested in reading the full article? Go to the De Tijd website or the L’Echo website.

You can also read the other articles on Branch 21 and Branch 23, in French or Dutch.