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 Employees can simulate their net pension themselves.

Published on 19/03/2024


Your employees can simulate the net amount of their group insurance themselves


​"How much tax will I pay on my group insurance and what will I keep net?" This is the most-read FAQ in MyAG Employee Benefits and probably also a common question for your HR department. At AG, your employees can easily find the answer themselves, thanks to the user-friendly gross-net simulator in the MyAG Employee Benefits platform and app. 

Unique in the group insurance market​​​​

Most insurers calculate the net amount of the supplementary pension only when members actually apply for their pension. Rules have been introduced on this subject in the new Transparency Act​, but they will not come into force until 1 January 2025. AG is the only group insurer in Belgium to already offer your employees an easy way to simulate their net pension at any time themselves in the MyAG Employee Benefits appAttention: they must first give their consent in the app. 

​​Clear and accurate

The gross-net simulator gives clarity and peace of mind to your employees. They get a better idea of the tax on their group insurance and, as a result, can prepare for retirement with confidence. On the basis of the latest data, the simulator automatically calculates the net amount at a standard taxation, and at a favourable tax rate. All your employees can use this simulator, regardless of whether they are close to retirement or not.

​​Tangible benefit

The questions to your HR department about tax and group insurance net amounts will now partly be taken care of by the handy DIY simulator in MyAG Employee Benefits. Really saving time. But that's not all... By getting an accurate and simple overview of their supplementary pension, employees get a real feel and appreciation for your efforts as an employer.​

​​Promote the gross-net simulator

The fact that your employees can now easily simulate the net amount of their supplementary pension themselves is a unique benefit of AG's group insurance. Promote the gross-net simulator to your employees and cash in on all the benefits. You can find useful materials such as flyers and posters for you and your employees in our Toolkit. Request one from your usual contact.

Additional practical pension tips for your staff

The MyAG Employee Benefits app includes not only a handy gross-net simulator, but also the mental health services included as standard from My Mind by AG​. The app is also packed with valuable information for your employees. We regularly send them a newsletter full of practical tips to make them aware of the benefits of their group insurance. To receive the newsletter, they must first give their consent in the MyAG Employee Benefits app. Make sure you encourage your team to download the MyAG Employee Benefits app and get started with our retirement and health tips.

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​​​​Where can you and your employees find the information from this article in the MyAG Employee Benefits app?

To give permission for the pension simulation...
Click on More > Privacy at the bottom of the home screen
Slide the toggle to green for 'Simulations for your your supplementary pension'
Confirm your choices

To initiate the gross-net simulation...
Select Pension on the home screen
Scroll down to 'Your net amount on the day of your retirement'
Press the 'Over here' button

To receive the newsletter with practical pension tips...
Click on More > Privacy at the bottom of the home screen
Slide the toggle to green for ​'Information and updates about your Employee Benefits insurance
Confirm your choices