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Published on 24/10/2017


Shorter hospital stays: a growing trend

Over the last years, hospital stays have become increasingly shorter, for all types of pathologies. This trend, observed in other countries as well, can be explained by technological advancements, the use of less invasive techniques and greater reliance on care and assistance services.

Are patients in such a big hurry to check out of the hospital? While this may be the case, government pressure on social security budgets is a more likely cause, leaving hospitals to make do with their own resources. At the same time, it’s also true that medical advances have accelerated the healing and recovery process. These two trends combined have impacted the average duration of a hospital stay.

Accelerated decline in duration of stay for childbirth: 4.5 days in 2016 vs 5.7 days in 2010 (AG Insurance statistics)

Various surveys conducted across Europe highlight the same trend towards declining hospital stays for childbirth. Fortunately, shorter stays have not been found to negatively impact mothers’ satisfaction or endanger the health of mothers and their new borns, provided they get the right postnatal care and support.

A host of additional services

At the same time, demand has been steadily increasing for post-natal maternity services, which free up more time for mothers to care for their babies and build that all-important mother-child bond. In practical terms, with a corporate-sponsored Hospicare Flexible plan, your staff members will be entitled to the following additional services (1) :

Additional services during a hospital stay:



Transportation to/from the hospital


Extra assistance after a hospital stay:



Post-natal care

Home delivery of bare necessities and essentials

Transportation to/from the hospital


Psychological counselling year-round, even if no hospital stay is required

With this additional coverage, AG Insurance helps relieve your staff members of any lingering stress or worries they might have once they are discharged from the hospital.
For more information, feel free to contact your usual contact person at AG Employee Benefits representative.

(1) To claim maternity services, the insured must file an application with our service provider IPA within 30 days of the birth of the child.