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Join us at the AG Employee Benefits’ Pension Forum and Health Forum

Published on 14/09/2021


Wondering how the long-awaited pension reform is shaping up?

​At the beginning of September, the first proposals on pension reform were launched in the press, but for the time being, the new pension plan has not yet been finalised.
Always on top of the latest news, AG ​Employee Benefits will be holding a Pension Forum on ​​Tuesday 19 October, where Minister for Pensions Karine Lalieux will be sharing the details of the planned reforms.

There has already been a lot of press about the nature and necessity of pension reform, but the federal government has yet to send out any white smoke signals. The aim is to finalise plans this autumn, AG has - true to character - jumped the gun and already invited Minister for Pensions Karine Lalieux to walk us through her pension plan. Which is why AG ​Employee Benefits will be giving you a first-hand account of the options proposed by Minister Lalieux at the Pension Forum on Tuesday 19 October.

Will the second pension pillar be extended to all employees? Are there any plans to tinker with the tax implications? And how will fairness in funding continue to be part of the picture? These are just some of the questions that have come up on our radar over the past few months, and the Pension Forum is the ideal opportunity to provide the right answers. Minister Lalieux will get the ball rolling by presenting the key points of the pension reform. Afterwards, two experts - Ivan Van de Cloot (Chief Economist at Itinera) and Bart De Smet (President of the FEB/VBO) - will shed light on the main challenges for the different Belgian pension pillars. Finally, Benoit Halbart, Managing Director of AG Employee Benefits & Health Care, will analyse the pension reform from a supplementary pension perspective. In short, an event you won't want to miss if you want to check your pension strategy against the new reality.

Don't delay, sign up for the Pension Forum today. On the registration page, you'll also find all the practical details.

And now that you have your diary in hand, you should probably block off Thursday 18 November as well. That's when AG Employee Benefits will be hosting the Health Forum​, where the emphasis will be on "return to work" as the cornerstone of a resilient HR policy. A thoughtfully designed "return to work" strategy can play a critical role in employee wellbeing, including as a powerful tool to fight stress and burnout. Here again, you'll get a front row seat for the latest and most accurate information.
Minister of Public Health Frank Vandenbroucke will walk us through the new policy options for dealing with long-term sick leave cases. In addition, academic experts Prof Dr Pierre Firket (general and occupational medicine at University of Liège) and Prof Dr Sara De Gieter (Organizational Psychology at Vrije Universiteit Brussel) will present "return to work" from a medical and occupational psychology angle.

​For safety reasons, our events will be happening online, so you easily participate in both the Pension Fo​r​um​ and the Health Forum​ from wherever you are at the time. We're just one click away.