Pension & Health Academy 2021

Published on 18/06/2021


Relive the Pension & Health Academy webinars


The first edition of the Pension & Health Academy has come to an end. ​It was a success. Many of you have sent us positive feedback. More than 300 participants joined us to keep up with the latest news on supplementary pensions and healthcare. If you attended the webinars, we hope you learned more about t​hese topics. 

Missed a session? Watch the recorded version and review the key takeaways from the sessions below. 

And the next webinars? Save the date for our next Pension Forum ​on 19 October 2021. Minister Karine Lalieux will start the session off by presenting her new pension policy. Then, several opinion leaders in the field of pensions will share their views on the new measures. Find out more about the different speakers here.​

What are the key takeaways from the
Pension & Hea​lth Academy?

During the Pension & Health Academy webinars, you got up to speed with the latest developments in pension and healthcar​e. 

The Pension & Health Academy started with an economic overview. Olivier Colsoul, Senior Strategist at AG, analysed the latest financial news. Next up was Patrick Mackowiak, Executive Consultant at AG, who presented the various advantages of Branch 21, Branch 23 and hybridity. And finally, the pension part of these webinars ended with a presentation of Pension@ease, our latest innovation in group insurance. Thanks to the webinar ‘Return To Work: your social responsibility as an employer?’ presented by Arnaud Parmentier, Account Manager at AG, participants in this session are now well-versed in the whats, whys and hows of long-term sick leave.

Missed a session or want to watch a webinar again? Review the key takeaways as well as the recorded version of the webinar below.

Webinar 15 June 2021 (Dutch) / 17 June 2021 (French)

Pension@ease: The latest innovation in group insurance​

AG Employee Benefits’ Pension@ease is the latest innovation in the supplementary pension market – a group insurance product that offers flexible funding and ​complete peace of mind. And because Pension@ease combines the benefits of Branch 21 and Branch 23, you get the best of both worlds.

​​​What are ​the key takeaways from this webinar? 

  • Pension@ease is AG's new innovative solution for defined contribution group insurance plans.​
  • The fixed premiums for your pl​an participants are paid into a group financing fund of your choosing. You can invest the premiums in Branch 21, Branch 23 or a combination of both. ​​
  • ​The return on investment is divided among your staff members and a buffer set up to cover any funding deficits. This distribution happens automatically based on a pre-set ROI formula.  ​

  • Pension@ease is a forward-looking group insurance plan that takes a balanced approach to risk management.​

Would you like more information on our innovation?

Get in touch with your usual contact person. 

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Webinar 8 June 2021 (French) / 10 June 2021 (Dutch)

Branch 21 and Branch 23: solidity and complementarity

This webinar will focus on the solid way AG manages its branch 21 and branch 23 products, despite the low long-term interest rates in the market. In this context, your speaker will explain how best to fund your employees’ supplementary pensions and how to limit the market’s impact on your group insurance and on you as an employer. Finally, in this session, you will also discover the consequences and risks of a choice between branch 21 and branch 23 for your group insurance.

This webinar has ended. You can now watch a recording of the session (only available in French and Dutch):

​​​What are ​the key takeaways from this webinar? 

  • ​​Branch 21 offers a guaranteed interest rate. In addition, with the cashflow matching strategy and a well-diversified investment portfolio (bonds, shares, real estate), you earn a higher return as profit sharing may also be awarded. This contributes to a unique and attractive total return.​
  • With Branch 23, your capital is invested in investment funds. AG offers a wide range of professionally managed funds following the multi-management strategy. With this strategy and our experienced managers all over the world, you can earn attractive long-term returns in Branch 23. You can also opt for solutions that include a buffer to limit the impact of volatility. ​
  • ​With a hybrid group insurance product (Branch 21 + Branch 23), you get the best of both worlds. You combine the security of Branch 21 with the higher potential upside of Branch 23. If you are more of a defensive investor, you may want to find out more about Branch 23 first. And if you are an experienced, this hybridity will serve to diversify your investments.


Webinar 18 May 2021 (Dutch) / 20 May 2021 (French)

Return to work: your Corporate Social Responsibility as an employer?

This webinar shines a spotlight on long-term sick leave and looks at what employers are doing in terms of return-to-work policies. At one time, looking after employees’ mental well-being was considered an added bonus, not a necessity. But these days, employers are increasingly expected to address mental well-being on the same terms as physical health and safety, as part of their wider commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This webinar has ended. You can now watch a recording of the session (only available in French and Dutch):

​​​What are ​the key takeaways from this webinar? 

  • ​​The role of employers in reducing long-term sick leave has become a hot topic. Some are in favour of a strict approach complete with fines and legal measures, while others prefer a proactive approach that's part of the company's overall CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy. The notion of CSR is often synonymous with responsible manufacturing and investment, but the management of human capital is also an essential feature of corporate social responsibility.
  • Stress-related conditions such as burnout are one of the main causes of incapacity for work. As an employer, you have legal obligations towards staff members on long-term sick leave, such as statutory return-to-work assistance. The Return To Work approach offered by AG through its Income Care insurance provides you with additional support in the fight against extended incapacity leave. With its proven track record of success, this approach will have your staff members back at work safely and for the long haul. ​
  • ​According to scientific research by the Vigor Unit and a survey of 1,000 Belgian employees, most staff members lay the blame for stress-related sick leave - and the responsibility for doing something about it - firmly at their employer's door. Employees with a caring employer estimate the risk of being signed off due to stress almost three times lower than those who viewed their employer as more business-focused.​


Webinar 20 April 2021 (French) / 22 April 2021 (Dutch)

Econ​omic outlook: financial market overview

Get the latest insight on the financial markets from Olivier Colsoul, Senior Strategist at AG. Find out about the key events shaping the stock markets and learn what these developments could mean for equities, bonds and other asset classes. 

This webinar has ended. You can now watch a recording of the session (only available in French and Dutch):

​​​What are ​the key takeaways from this webinar? 

  • ​​Once the stay-at-home orders are lifted, the economic recovery will be delayed but not derailed. This recovery has already begun and we are in for a "square root-shaped" scenario (n). Fixed income securities provide a modest but relatively stable return.
  • Equities offer a short-term ROI with long-term upside potential.
  • ​In Branch 21, given the current record low interest rate environment, additional returns can be earned by investing in less liquid investments such as residential mortgages in the Netherlands, infrastructure projects and unlisted real estate assets.
  • In Branch 23, increased diversification is the key to maximising returns while limiting exposure to risk.

Interested in our upcoming webinars? 

Join us for this year's fully digital edition of Pension Forum. This event will once again bring together opinion leaders in the field of pensions. 

Pension Minister Karine Lalieux will present her new pension reform. Economist Ivan Van de Cloot, Chief Economist at Itinera Institute, Bart De Smet, President of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) and of the Group of Ten, and Benoit Halbart, Managing Director of AG Employee Benefits & Health Care, will give their opinion on the new government measures and analyse the impact of this new policy on the different pension pillars in Belgium. 

Block off 19 October 2021 on your calendars for the Pension Forum
Stay tuned for more information about this event in an upcoming edition of EB Minute.